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  1. brit

    brit in a box

    cool bowl..
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    I gave up using a shaving bowl because I think they are too small. I hate the handle of my brush banging on the side of the bowl. I also tend to make a lot of lather and with my last bowl it just climbs over the edge. I ordered and received a 5" singing bowl. This thing is big, heavy and awesome. I can finally make a lot of lather and the shape of the bowl keeps my lather from flowing over the edge. The do make them in smaller sizes, but I really wanted the big one. Now I like bowl lathering again.
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    I second the scuttle suggestion. They keep the lather and brush warm for the duration of your shave.
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    I like. Please provide a web link or retailer info. Thanks.
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  6. david of central florida

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    As I'm spending more time at home, I thought to use some of my items that sometimes skip for time, or ease of use, or..... (JUST not used alot).
    Today I used my dirty bird scuttle.
    I heated it up, and put a 1/2 inch (maybe less) stripe of Proraso blue, bombed with 3 drops of m-bomb.
    I used my Alpha 400/ silvertip, soaked and flicked dryish.
    I set the brush in the dirty bird while not in use. This made the second and third passes much warmer.
    The heated lather felt very nice.
    I used my Cadet tto14, and an Astra blade. My cadet shaves very nicely. It is rumored to be aggressive, but I like it.
    As a lather bowl, the Dirty Bird is a cadilac of a bowl, the shave was so nice, I'm gonna have to use it more often. 150_Opal_Rim_on_Black_Scuttle-1.jpeg
    Hope y'all did as well, or better.

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