Leaf Shave Razor

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by stingraysrock, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. stingraysrock

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  2. PLANofMAN

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    I still like the concept, but I backed out of backing it before the campaign ended.

    It's a wish list product for me...and not one that is really high up the list either.
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  3. richgem

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    Interesting and clever idea, but I'll stick with one blade at a time. :)
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  4. lloydrm

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    I tried it on a pass around over at DFS. I liked the idea, terrible shaver. Blades move around like crazy. Would take a cart any day and I haven't used one of those in a while, not even for head shaving.
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  5. richgem

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    thanks for the review.
  6. Kilgore Trout

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    Call it "Off the Track Tres".
  7. lloydrm

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  8. MrEE

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    I bought one for my daughter. She loves it. I used it once with a feather blade. It worked fine and gave me a close shave. I would say it dumbs down the shave and someone use to the controll of any fixed head razor probably won't like it. Both my wife and I decided to stick with vintage DE razors.
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  9. MrEE

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    In short, the Leaf is better than the mach 3 I used for decades and may be good for someone using cartridge razors today. If you get one ditch the blades that come with it and go for one of the sharper DE blades on the market.
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