L'Essor Differential Open Comb DE Safety Razor

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    L'Essor's better known safety razors are its wedge blade SE and ultra desirable Le Supreme Adjustable. This razor, vintage unknown but 1930s presumably, features open combs offering different levels of aggression on each side -- medium aggressive and aggressive. Weight is 59g. It is a supremely efficient shaver based on my initial experience. This example I acquired in apparently unused condition.

    There is another Single Ring type handle version, and perhaps a three piece with a slightly different handle. This handle is extremely similar to the one found with my Famex cage razor, but it is not identical.

    Any additional information regarding these razors is appreciated! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    They were made in France, and went out of business during World War II, like so many other French razor manufacturers.

    I suspect you already knew that, but it wasn't mentioned in your post. :)
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    Yes thanks. Also worth noting is that the logo on the head is for Chamber Syndicale Des Couteliers Detaillants Francais" (Chamber Cutlery Retailers Union of France or something close to that). There's no L'Essor marking on the razor itself.
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    Great looking razor. If love to add one to my collection.
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    French eBay but they are quite uncommon.
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    It is truly a shame that the CSDCDF went out of business. The quality of their products was nothing short of amazing. I have a few L'Essors, including the venerable "Le Supreme." Needless to say, it is the crown jewel of my collection. And to say that they are rare is an understatement. It took me two plus years of searching, every day, before I stumbled across one. I wasted no time acquiring it, and it is now part of my collection. I have included a few before and after pictures for your viewing pleasure. I might also mention that this is also my daily driver. No sense in owning one if you're not going to use it. ;)

    22448251_10212738969182727_4592370483473862052_n.jpg e.jpg l.jpg s.jpg
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  7. brit

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    cool razor..
  8. brit

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    very cool razor set..

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