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Discussion in 'Articles' started by PLANofMAN, Mar 11, 2016.

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    We have an entire set of Duralex Picardie glasses. They are really pretty awesome. They are heavy, solid, stylish and I like how they feel when I'm drinking from them. We have 5 different sizes. And when a couple broke, I couldn't bare to see gaps in our cupboard where there should be glasses so I found them being sold as singles at Cost Plus World Market. Unfortunately everything else they sell that I might be interested in is made in China. I won't buy anything made in China, if I can help it. Which is not always possible. But to the point, I love the Duralex glasses. Nice write up.
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    Just a quick update to my earlier post, the carafe is 35.25 oz., and I'm fairly certain that the glasses they show in the photos are what I like to call the "shot" glass size.

    That makes this about the size of a standard "bistro style" water carafe, and pretty much identical to the really expensive picardie style carafes I found when I first purchased duralex glassware.
    Edit: Looks pretty darn near identical. Kaptein Roodnat designed them for Royal VKB, and they've been sold out/discontinued for about two or three years. There is probably an interesting story behind all that. However it all worked out, the Duralex version is widely available and is significantly cheaper than the Royal VKB versions ever were.
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    Carafe came today. Actually fits the 8.75 oz (25cl) (small) glasses in the neck of the bottle, but the shot glass size (3.125 oz/9cl) fits much better.

    Label on the bottle notes that it is not tempered. Stamping in the bottom of the carafe says Duralex France. A website notes that four different sizes of glasses fit in the neck of the bottle, I'm guessing they are the following sizes:
    and 8.75 oz.

    Edit: Wife came home for lunch today, and said "okay, I like it." (Equivalent of jumping for joy from anyone else). :)

    I'm just happy to finally have something that matches the glasses. I'm still looking for an actual pitcher that matches them.
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    I've been exploring heretofore unviewed portions of TSD and ran across this. As an aside, I've often wondered what was meant by "Article Team" on your postings. Now I know!

    But that's not the main reason for this post today. You spoke of the "history" of these glasses. As a young child, mid 1950s, I remember my paternal grandmother having glasses that looked very much like these as "everyday" glasses. They were a "farm family" having spent her, and my grandfather's whole life from birth to passing living on a farm in the country. These glasses held freshly "milked" milk, ice tea, and anything else that was consumed at the table in that house. I say all that to illustrate the point that those glasses had to have been "tough" as they were, while not abused, not coddled. They were used in those quick dinners (southern North Carolina for lunch), when folks came in from the fields. Like the proverbial Timex, they took a licking and kept on ticking.

    Thanks for the memories! And the link to purchase.

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    Sometimes I just think it means I have access to a private area of the forum to work on and save drafts of my really long posts before I post them. :) My "build a brush" thread being the most recent example. Not every "article" I write winds up being an article. Sometimes I pull it out and publish it as a regular thread. Sometimes I never finish it. (I've got about a half dozen that for various reasons, contine to linger, half finished in the private drafts section of this forum. A very, very, few have been pulled from the article section and stickied in the relevant forum.

    While many articles are shaving related, some are not. Sparky envisioned a team of people writing stuff that forum members and visitors to the site would find interesting.

    Stuff like this article I do because I find it interesting, and because it directs traffic to this forum that might otherwise never land here. I try to SEO (search engine optimize) each article before I post it, using skills learned while doing contract work for Textbroker. This article, for example, will land in the first two pages of a google search for 'history of duralex picardie,' which isn't too bad, all things considered.

    At one time, my article on shavettes was the top google result for a search on "shavette". It has since dropped to 7th place, which is still pretty decent, considering it is rather dated now and could use a good update. A search for "shavettes" still pops it up as the top result, so I really should go in there and revamp it, since at the time I wrote it, razors that took AC blades were few and far between.

    So now you know why I do posts like this. :)
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    Sounds like a plan!

    For what it's worth, you seem to do a good job at it!

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    Thank you. I like to think I'm getting better at it. If you really want to read a great writer, check out "Around the World in 80 Proof, Tales of the 'Patch."

    Start on the very last page and work your way back to the more recent posts. I posted a thread about him in dirty jokes (because language), but not everyone opts in for that section of the forum, so people might have missed it.
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    I'm looking! Have "never" gotten into Reddit, so I had to sign up. Had a heckuva time finding a good username that I liked, would hopefully remember, and wasn't already taken. But I did! Now to learn the site and how it works!

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    It's a SUPERforum. A black hole that will suck you in.
    r/wicked_edge is the wet shaving subforum. I stay away from there.

    Sub forums I like:
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