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Discussion in 'The Good Life' started by Kyle7372, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Sam D.

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    I have smoked so many overpriced cigars that were actually mere crap... Cubans are very often overpriced too, if worth being smoked at all...! Por LarraƱaga Montecarlos are an exception. At any rate, they should be kept for several months before being lit.

    Joya de Nicaragua is quite a good brand.

    We still have a production here in Switzerland. One of my standard stogies is the Wuhrmann Habana Feu. I have asked them about the origins of the tobaccos and the answer was that it was a mix of USA, Cuba, Brazil, Sumatra and Dominican Republic.

    Machine made yet very tasty. No ideas about resellers outside Switzerland, unfortunately. At 80 c. a piece it is an absolute bargain !

  2. Ryan B

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    When I was in Ireland, I bought a few Cuban Montecristo cigars. I was due to report back to the Sinai so I waited until I got stateside a few months later to smoke them. I gave one to my friend that was getting married, one to my best friend, and one for myself. Talk about sweet and relaxing. I love cigars but haven't had one in months.
  3. ScottZ

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    Only one I've had was a Perdomo Fresco, a good inexpensive smoke.

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