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Discussion in 'The Good Life' started by Flatfish, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. Flatfish

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    I photographed lightning photos last night. My problem is that a minilab will automatically balance out all the exposures. i.e. The night photos will be lightened excessively spoiling them.
    Is there a solution?
    A cheap solution. I'm not buying the latest DSLR.

    One idea I had was to get the film processed by the minilab. The negatives should be correct even if the prints are not. then find someone with a film scanner.
    Or, I could get a CD with the prints. But I suspect scanning the negative would be better than playing with a CD (already lightened) image.

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
    PS I'm in the UK.
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  2. Omaney

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    Can you maybe locate a professional photographer nearby who processes his/her own film? Or maybe a school which has a photography program? Film is getting to be so obsolete that even the pros I know only use it for hobby.
  3. Radiotube

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    I'd go to a camera shop that does their own developing and explain to them what you want. They should be able to develop the film in a manner to best bring out the best features of that particular shot. If you have a lot of other photos that are not exposed the same way though, it might be more of an issue. It's kind of hard to process part of a roll one way and the rest of it another way. Not sure what to do about that except to sacrifice all other photos for that one.
    DSLR's are getting cheaper...
    I shot this one with a Canon 40D a few years ago...

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