Little Johnny Strikes..........Again!!

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    One day, Little Johnny asked his mother how old she was, and she said women don't like telling their age. Then he asked her how much she weighed, and she said women don't tell how much they weigh, either. Then he asked why dad divorced her, and she said it was very sad and she would explain it to him when he was older.

    Later that day, Johnny goes to a friend's house and told him what he asked his mom and that she wouldn't answer him. His friend told him to look on her driver's license, and he should be able to figure out her age with her date of birth, and her weight will be on there too.

    Johnny goes home, looks at her license and says to his mom, you're 32 years old, you weigh 140 pounds, and dad divorced you because you got an F in sex.
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    Funny but true story. When my wife and I were dating in college we took a class together ..... Understanding Sexuality. She was put off when the final grades were released ..... She had a B minus and I got an A plus.

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    And, I "Just Know" you've "never" brought that up again? :signs136:
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    No, I just helped her get her grades up.

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