Lux razor is a killer!

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by poppi, Sep 24, 2008.

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    I recently received a Lux 3 piece razor that was included in the August Newbie giveaway. Thanks again to all. I love 3 piece razors and I had heard that it was a gentle shaver so I loaded it with a Feather blade.

    HOLY CRAP!!! It just about skinned me!!! Hurt like crazy..

    Now I've used Feather's before in my Gillette Tech with great results, no irritation, nicks, cuts or the like so I couldn't figure out what was wrong till I looked closely at the razor.

    It's got a blade exposure of about 1/8 inch!!!! Definitely not right I'm thinking.

    So do you think I can fix that?? If so, how?? Or should I just put it into my budding collection and say that's what the eastern block used back in the day??

    BTW, where I did shave with it was bbs in one pass just couldn't take it all over my face. Whew!!
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    Did you put the base plat on upsides down?

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