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    Some people have asked to see the process of making this flat top brush. This isn't the only way or the right way to make a brush it's just how I do it. This is a Shavemac DO-1 silver tip knot, 25mm x 53mm.
    I've worked with DO-1's before both 2 band and silver tip so I had a preconceived idea of what I wanted for loft. Because of it being silver tip and a flat top I knew I would shoot for a loft of sub 50mm ( below a 2 to 1 ratio) and I'd mount slightly lower than a fan of the same material.
    1) the materials rough cut to length.
    2) Finding the centers. Not really needed but if I end up taking the piece out of the lathe it makes life easier.
    3) Handle base mounted in the lathe. I cut a tenon on the base and drill a matching hole in the top of the handle.

    4) Gluing up the pieces and letting it cure.
    5) I'll part it off to length (white part) and drill the hole to depth.
    6) Drilled to depth and rough shaped.
    7) Tuning the depth of the knot.
    8) Depth corrected, finish sanding and parting off the handle. Finish sanding is done by hand off the lathe. Buffing is done with a cotton wheel. The knot isn't glued to allow for final adjustments if needed. In this picture the knot has been used once (still not glued) and as you can see slightly crooked. No biggie, I'll shave with it a few more times before final gluing.
    It's lofted to 44mm and very close to where I want it. The brush is huge because of the flat top but I was very pleased with it performance. I'll give it a few shaves before I decide to glue it.
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    Great description & pictures. Thank you for giving us insight into how you make those beautiful brushes!!!
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  3. PatrickA51

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    Excellent. Great post and very interesting. I see another work of art in the making.
    Semper Fi
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    nice job...........
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    That's purdy!
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    Thanks for sharing photos of your work. I love to see how people build things.

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    Beautiful work, Steve. I love what you do.
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    Great work Marine, Semper Fi.
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    Very nice. Love the proportions on the handle.
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    @oscar11 Can a brother Marine get you to make him one like this?

    Semper Fi
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    That's another stunner. What glue do you use to glue to fasten the 2 parts of the handle together?
  13. Douglas Carey

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    Good job. Thanks for posting. :happy088:
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  15. Enrico

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    WOW :happy096: :signs107:. You do great work and :signs154:
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    Nice looking brush. I love the blue, great job.
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  17. wchnu

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    Great work!! Did anyone see this and decide they had to have a flat top brush now??
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