Making Homemade Bay Rum

Discussion in 'Soapmaking & Lotions' started by HolyRollah, Aug 23, 2013.

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    I'm reading up on Bay Rum home recipes and this part from Amanda catches my interest, as I'm thinking of going the dried route instead of any essential oils.

    Instead of vodka, I'm looking to use a high proof (63%) white jamaican rum along with some dark jamaican rum (57% proof). Bay Rum's in the day had the "buttery" hint from the Jamaican rum and I'm hoping to impart this as much as possible. My thought is I'll get the better essence extraction from using the higher proof white rum + get a little of the dark rum's wood benefits as well. Best of both worlds in a way.

    Would the double boiler process imply after everything is combined (short of any moisturizers / astringent additions completed at the end) to slow boil the solution while keeping a thermometer in the solution so as to make sure it doesn't reach beyond 165 degrees Fahrenheit? Making sure along the way to keep some good aeration going since the vapors are pretty flammable?

    If yes, how long should the double boil run for once the temperature is reached? 30 minutes? More or less?

    Great thread and thanks for the feedback.

    The experiment will be to have three aging batches of 4 weeks, 8 weeks, and 12 weeks.
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    I would not keep at 165 for more than 15 min. The longer your natural ingredients are exposed to higher heat, the more likely the scent of them will "burn off". After 15 min, turn heat off completely and let all ingredients steep together until they've reached room temperature, stirring gently every few minutes. Then pour into an airtight container for the resting phase.

    I personally would not add any other ingredients for moisturizers or astringents agents until your after your infusion has fully aged. Non-alcoholic ingredients could spoil with the vegetation ingredients you are using for infusion. Also, you will need to strain out the vegetation matter once it is fully aged.
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    Thanks for this feedback. Very helpful.
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    I am glad you did. I good reminder to get a new batch going.
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    The only BR I've ever tried was Pinaud, and I loved it! I'm learning about AS in general now, but saw this diy recipe and would like to expand my nostrizons. My question in making any diy BR recipe, what, if anything, can be used in place of rum and vodka. For thinly veiled personal reasons, I don't want to have injestable alcohol involved. If I'm able to substitute other ingredients, would I have to call it Bay Stuff AS?
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    Aha...That makes sense. It didn't occur to me that pharmacies would need a liquor license to sell after shave! Lol. I appreciate the response...I'm having a blast learning things from this group. This forum (after/post scents) has really commanded my attention. We all know that our sense of smell is a powerful trigger, and as I read I can sit here and cybersmell so many of these fragrances. Add to that the info on what pre/post shaves actually function as fascinates me. Thanks for the response...And not laughing me off!
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    All the government cares about is whether or not the taxes have been paid on the product. If you buy and use alcohol products that the taxes have already been paid on - you are good to go, and are doing NOTHING illegally.
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    I didn't go through all of this thread, so excuse me if it's been mentioned. Another alternative is to substitute witch hazel for alcohol. Because it has a small percentage of alcohol, it would provide less of a sting when applied.
  9. Ijustmissedthe50s

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    Yeah, I understand what you're saying. In my particular case though, it's me that's choosing not to use potable spirits. But your point is probably to keep in mind.
  10. Ijustmissedthe50s

    Ijustmissedthe50s The Warnee

    Yup...That's what I'm trying. A witch hazel with a small alcohol content. Thanks for the post, it kinda confirms info I thought I'd read about too.
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    I'm interested in making small samples in order to dial in what works for me. Did you just halve (or quarter) your recipe you posted below?

    HolyRollah, are you saying your homemade brew was similar to Ogallala Lime & peppercorns, NOT the original Ogallala? I just tried the original Ogallala & it smells just like eggnog which I don't care to smell like.

    Thank you to everyone involved in this thread.
  13. Sara-s

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    Maybe perfumer's acohol (which is not potable) might work?
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    Hello, Amanda..,..I expect to make a purchase from The Soap Exchange next year. Why the wait? I'm taking the "NB18" challenge some others are taking. But from your descriptions on your website, you have great-sounding soaps. I'll be in touch :).
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    Barberry Coast Bay Rum uses grain alcohol which is essentially vodka without the water. They state as much in their ingredients list and I emailed them to confirm that it's not SD. It's just grain alcohol apparently, like Everclear.
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    Good evening HolyRollah
    Thanks for creating this thread on the subject of making your own bay rum. I've been buying Jack Dean Bay Rum hair tonic and have fallen in love with the smell. Buy reading through your thread I have decided to try it myself to see if I can make it into a hair tonic or even a cologne of sorts. Should be interesting. My first batch was made today Feb 09 2019 with your recipe. March 30th should be my 6 weeks and I will leave an update.
    Thanks from a fellow Canadian:)

    Dean McClelland
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    Still have about a third of a bottle left of the original elixir (seven years aged in August). Applied some the other day and th BR still retains the fresh scent, albeit slightly mellower.
  18. Dean McClelland

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    Have you made any new batches with any changes you can update us on?
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