Making Homemade Bay Rum

Discussion in 'Soapmaking & Lotions' started by HolyRollah, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. ChiefShaver

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    Hi Friends,

    i will try my own homemade Bay Rum Aftershave.

    My idea behind it is, to "create" two different types of Bay Rum. One "Summer" Bay Rum (with more Lemon / Citrus) and Menthol added and one "Winter / Christmas" Bay Rum with a warmer scent, which contains more Vanilla Extract and more Cinnamon and Orange.

    Now my question would be, what should i use to get the Summer version as "fruity" as possible...i know, less clove and allspice but are lemon / lime zests enough for what I would like? Essential Oils maybe added?

    I hope you know what i tried to explain...:lyrtuy5:

  2. Sara-s

    Sara-s This Pun for Hire

    You can use the zest, but essential oils of lemon & lime do exist and seem like an easier way to add those scent notes.
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  3. ChiefShaver

    ChiefShaver Well-Known Member

    Today i did it...

    I "created" my very first homemade Aftershave. Loosely based on the recipe which was given here from @HolyRollah

    I added juniper berries.

    I was a bit "afraid" to do something wrong, but this is no Rocket Science...

    Next Monday i will splash it on, just too see if it works at this point. Curious...Wish me luck.

  4. okiwen

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    Where did you find the juniper? Does it grow near you?
  5. DrStrange

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    It's getting closer to being gin.

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