Masculine Scented Artisan Soaps

Discussion in 'Shave Soaps' started by MrEE, Sep 14, 2019.

  1. bmw45MO

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    If you are looking for a masculine scent by Stirling, try Texas on Fire. I absolutely love the "in your face" smoke scent I get from this soap. It is fairly stout on the stronger side, but again, if you love Midnight Stag and Declaration Grooming's Darkfall, this scent if for you.
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  2. Paul Turner

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    I do like Midnight Stag, but I bought it in the summer-wrong time to use it(for my skin anyway). I've had my eye on the Stoylin Texas On Fire, too. My problem with that one is the "firey smoke" may be too much for me, as opposed to, say, the "Gunsmoke" offerings. I'll keep thinking about the TOF though.
  3. Steve56

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    Not an artisan soap, but how about Floris 89 cream? Hey if it was masculine enough for James Bond...
  4. Jesseix

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    I just used B&M’s Classic yesterday and was reminded of how strongly I would consider that a ‘masculine’ scent.
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    Stirling Scots Pine Sheep Soap is one of my favorites. Another is Oleo Soap Works (now rebranded Oleo & Company) Windy City that uses duck tallow. Stirling has a lot of woodsy scents, and Oleo has a line that has a wide range of manly aromas. If you do decide to go with vegetarian or vegan shave soaps, Dr. Jon's has a lot of masculine soaps, and Razorock has a Green Tobacco scent that is awesome.
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