May 2022 30 Day Rule/Focus and Discussion. All Are Welcome!

Discussion in 'Shower or Shave of the Day' started by Trigger, Apr 30, 2022.

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  1. Trigger

    Trigger Double Jedi Knight

    Hi everyone!

    It's May! Hallelujah! The birds are singing and everything is blooming! I just love this time of year because the warm weather will be arriving soon!
    So, what is this month's theme? Traditionally, it was Mayhem May. Members would invent ways to shave using unconventional ways to do so. One crazy stunt by a former member pasted a blade on a popsicle stick. I am more of a conventional shaver and therefore I thought of a few themes for this month. The main theme is Menthol May. It is quite self-explanatory.
    An alternative theme is Mix It Up May. This could be using soaps and aftershaves that you normally would not use together. It could be using a blade that you wouldn't normally use in a particular razor. It could be changing the order of shaving your beard. You may think of something else, but whatever you decide is fine.
    Personally, my theme will be Maximum May. I will be using my larger straights from 7/8 and up. I will also be using my Dovo shavette with the Personna Hairshaper Blade because that's my largest shavette blade.
    Of course, you can shave without following the themes for this month.

    Let me move on to more important matters.

    I want to thank all of you for making it a productive and lively thread last month. We broke the 2000 post mark for the first time this year. In fact, we slammed past it with almost 500 more posts.. The last time the thread broke 2000 posts was July 2021 with over 4000 posts. August 2021 was just shy of 2000. Last month showed that we had great connections with only a handful of members which was great. Let's continue to encourage one another to keep this thread on a healthy trend.
    On that note, I need to address an issue that happened last month. A former regular member of this thread gave advice to a new member that was misconstrued such that the new member wanted to leave the thread. I and other members reached out to him and thankfully he decided to stay. I am honored to know that you guys are a compassionate bunch. Getting back to the incident, I know that the former member would not intentionally hurt another member and just wanted to offer his expertise to help the new member. To his credit, he reconciled with the new member. I waited a few days to see if it worked out and thankfully it did. If it didn't, then as the overseer of this thread, I would have privately messaged him and explain in a non-judgmental way that the post made the new member upset and that he should rectify it. My point is that I want this thread to be positive, informative and most of all, supportive to each member. Before you post, I ask that if you offer advice or give constructive criticism that you reread your post to make sure that the tone is positive or at least neutral and that the wording is unambiguous. I say this because I have said things on this thread so that a few members got offended due to their misinterpretation of some of my posts. So, let's be careful with our posts. Thanks guys.

    Highlights of last month:

    First, I want to congratulate Barry @palmolive fox for his successful focus on Feather blades. He overcame his fear of Feathers and did it in grand style with using the R41 for a headshave. All his Feather shaves were error free. Kudos to you!

    Second, Jeff @jgreenepa had a mixup with getting a new transmission for his TR6. Thankfully, he received it yesterday!

    Third, Joe @JACarbone continues to improve his razor restoration skills. I also want to thank you once again for the GEM MMOC.

    Fourth, I left a message for Charlie @wristwatchb because he hasn't posted in awhile. I told him there wasn't any need to get back to me. I just hope he and Kathy are OK. He did try to reach me, but my phone was on do not disturb. We have been playing phone tag. I will try to reach him this afternoon.

    Finally, it's great to see Paul @Paul Turner and other members try new changes to their shaving routines.

    Ok, let's continue with the basic tenets of this thread!

    I want to welcome all the veterans of the 30 DC and all the newcomers. This thread is for the purposes of improving your shave technique so that you will consistently get great shaves. There are a number of ways to do it. These are suggestions so feel free to do whatever you want in regards to your shave:

    The 30 Day Rule
    Take ONE razor, ONE blade, ONE brush, ONE soap/cream and use them EVERYDAY this month. Yes, everyday. But Trigger, I want variety! I know you do, but until you perfect your technique, it makes little sense to constantly change the variables of your shave.

    For you out there that are not up to the rigors of the Rule, there is this alternative:

    The Focus
    Vary the gear for each shave, save for perhaps one or two elements.
    This is a more accessible challenge for the majority of shavers. I like to pick a particular aspect of the shave, be it the lather, a certain blade or a new razor, that needs breaking in, and not change it daily, until I have mastered those tools.

    Ok, to keep the thread on a nice even keel, I ask everyone to follow the thread etiquette as listed below:

    1. New Members always welcome. Start anytime.
    2. Old Members always welcome.
    3. Respect everyone.
    4. Refrain from political conversation.**
    ** This includes, but is not limited to: Covid-19, treatments and/or advice.
    Please keep these discussions off of this thread.

    I also want to suggest that we should try to assess our shaves as to why it was good or why it was not up to your standards and express these reasons in your comments. The spirit of this thread is to improve our shaves and if we share the reasons why a shave was good or bad, then we are giving our experiences to encourage good technique and discourage bad technique so that we have great info to get better shaves. I am not suggesting that we do it for every post, but I think it would make for a healthier thread if we start to do it more than we have in the past years.

    Moreover, you don't have to do a rule or a focus. You are free to change your setup on a shave to shave basis.

    Finally, I want this thread to continue to be a friendly place. It is ok to disagree because that is how we learn from each other, but let's encourage and respect every member. Yes, even if you think they are off the wall. Let's face it! We all are a little off because of our different Aquisition Disorders. Lol!

    Let's have a group hug!


    Also, let's have a great May with awesome shaves and fine fellowship!


    Joe (Trigger)
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  2. brit

    brit in a box

    awesome intro Joe.:)as a contributor to this thread for a few years i would like it to go forward in a positive way.while gillettes aren't everyone's cup of tea they were the mainstay for decades for millions of people.many young folks come here for guidance,many older folks who were duped into carts come here to catch up and remember how they started out.there is lots to learn with the current products now available.i would like to see more DE/SE advice offered as a basic starting point to the newly converted or curious.straights and shavettes are cool and current..but not the end all/be all achievement here.i will gladly help where i can.:):eatdrink047:
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  3. Trigger

    Trigger Double Jedi Knight

    Thanks Gary! I am a firm believer that whatever razor works for you and everyone else is great. What makes this hobby great is the variety of hardware and software. Every shaver is biased when it comes to what is their preferred weapon of choice. In my case, it is straights/shavettes. In your case, you happen to be the Gillette connoisseur. I hear you loud and clear on expanding advice on other razors. Since I am committed this month to my large straights and my Dovo shavette with a Hairshaper Blade, I won't be using my SE's or my DE's until next month. However, I promise to do a video next month on DE shaving and do an SE video in July. Personally, I believe in being competent in shaving with any razor, but again, I, like everyone else, has their preferred tool. Finally, I appreciate your help in providing your knowledge on shaving tips.
  4. brit

    brit in a box

    thank you.i truly believe that a learning thread should outline the next stepping stone,regardless of our personal you know we have folks here who struggle with the basics,let alone weapons of mass destruction..;).like Artie..:).what we use isn't what others should use- the technique IS the lesson learned.. and how it's applied to different razor choices.just my 2 cents.always glad to be here.:)
  5. Trigger

    Trigger Double Jedi Knight

    I agree. However, the other side of the equation is that newbies should ask questions on technique, etc. so that they can quickly improve. We have a group of experienced shavers that have a tremendous amount of shaving knowledge and experience that is underutilized by new wetshavers or returning wetshavers.
  6. brit

    brit in a box

    yes sir.i agree.i like reverse engineering. For the older shaver,de is the path back to se,solid muscle memory.Like our founding thread father Chris stated.a fatboy on 9 will give a fab shave,don't look back.technique trumps are a teacher who has been handed a great gift.we used to clear 8000+ posts monthly.i learned to shave properly by following this thread.if you can use the basics anything can be achieved.but we must teach the basics first and foremost..Joe my friend you are a teacher,but not my teacher,but i follow along in faith.:).
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  7. Trigger

    Trigger Double Jedi Knight

    We all teach each other, but I understand your point. Sharing basic shaving techniques so that others can have a solid foundation to move forward should be the most important function for this thread. We have recently had a few newbies that have visited this thread, but for some reason have not stayed. Now, I am a firm believer that people should come and go as they please, but it saddens me that they left.
  8. brit

    brit in a box

    i agree..and am saddened also.some folks come for the magic bullet..or the best razor/soap/brush info.i always saw the leader shave with the utmost basic simple stuff.fatboy, pass maybe 2 with a touch up for the newbies.i was hooked,learned and now i experience fabulous shaves- i no longer chase BBS,but frequently achieve it because of repetition,and patience..and techniques learned from the great folks here.i admire Paul for his doggedly loyal dedication to being here daily and giving his best.i admire all who have stayed beyond the caretaker spot.i hope to hear from Charlie. too.i would never try to derail the work this thread has achieved for it's many participants.but only for it continue in a start to finish way that helps all ..from straight edge to lazer ;):eatdrink047:
  9. brit

    brit in a box

    60's brit teenager first shave with grandad's kit
    brit tech/gillette super stainless
    1960s williams tonsorial
    60's old spice


    should be nice.
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  10. palmolive fox

    palmolive fox The British Birdman

    Thanks for the shout Joe.
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  11. palmolive fox

    palmolive fox The British Birdman

    1st May 2022.


    Shaving recipe for today.

    Prep: Warm shower:/Lynx Africa Body Wash.

    Cold wet flannel to my face.
    Chantry Lavender Goat's Milk Bar Soap.
    Brush: Omega 10051.
    Bowl Lather.
    Bowl : Home Bargains Stainless Steel Side Bowl.
    Lather: Scottish Fine Shaving Soap.
    Blade: Gillette Perma-Sharp. (D2)
    Razor: Merkur 39C.

    Cold water face wash with brush squeezing's, Cold Water Face Rinse./ Homemade (~Spring/Summer mix~) Lemon, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Essential Oils.3 Menthol Crystals Mixed Together With 200ml of Care+Witch Hazel./Nivea Men Replenishing PSB./Blue Stratos EdT.

    A relaxing first day & Sunday of the month Shave.

    The Merkur 39c slant is such a wonderful solidly built smooth non-efficient razor and like it's smaller handled sibling each time i have put it in my razor rotation i have had consistently good smooth shaves with it, today was no exception it paired up with the Perma-Sharp wonderfully making a smooth efficient razor & blade duo.

    The scottish fine shave soap, yet again provided me with a wonderful lather with a matching post shave feel.

    A comfortable 2 pass + pick ups silky smooth shave with no errors to report...Finishing the shave off with a few small squirts of Blue Stratos EdT to the chest & pulse points.

    My face is feeling smooth & smelling divine.;)

    Stay Safe, and enjoy your Sunday Ladies & Gentlemen.:cool:
  12. MrDaniel's

    MrDaniel's Well-Known Member

    Great intro, @Trigger.

    I will continue trying different blades, and I might do a few shaves where I mix up other things too.
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  13. jgreenepa

    jgreenepa Nasal Barbarian

    Looks good, my friend, and Gillette Tech master! We both know your shave will be awesome, Gary! I’m just an old fart who spent too many dang years shaving with my trusty Schick Krona! So variety’s what gets this old man up in the mornings. I’ve learned a tremendous amount on this thread. Everyone’s different, but to me a great shave consists of a multi pass shave featuring an open edge for my mug and a nice SE or DE for the noggin. All this variety compensates for a half century of quick, rushed WTG one pass DE brushless canned Barbasol shaves. :D
  14. Trigger

    Trigger Double Jedi Knight

    I would say so Gary. I can still hear the Old Spice jingle in my head.
  15. Trigger

    Trigger Double Jedi Knight

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  16. Trigger

    Trigger Double Jedi Knight

    Excellent shave to start the month Barry! Have a super Sunday!
  17. MrDaniel's

    MrDaniel's Well-Known Member

    Fine shave with the Fatip slant and Dorco blade again. I decided to get a decent dose of menthol too, with the Lea menthol cream.

    I started lathering with too much water in my brush (one shake instead of the usual two), and made a mess. Messy May.. I hope that won't end up being my theme. :D
    I still managed to get good enough lather to shave with, no nicks, cuts or burn.

    I also decided to make some sima, love it. I hadn't made any in years, but finally I decided to, and it turned out well.

    Have a great day, gentlemen!
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  18. MrDaniel's

    MrDaniel's Well-Known Member

    Great shaves and setups, gents!
  19. Trigger

    Trigger Double Jedi Knight

    Thank you Daniel. It takes me awhile to prepare the intros for each month. Writing is not my strongest suit. Lol! My predecessor, the Maestro @Primotenore was a gifted writer as well as the others who lead this thread before him.
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  20. jgreenepa

    jgreenepa Nasal Barbarian

    I agree completely with you regarding your Merkur, a truly great shaving tool. I don’t know if you joined when Jason (@jtspartan)was a member, a master turner, Barry, but the Permasharp was his DE blade of choice. I always enjoy your photos and shave summaries. Looking forward to some SE shaves. Hope you enjoyed your green tea my limey friend. Have a great Sunday!
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