Me, myself and the Veg.

Discussion in 'The Chatterbox' started by tuxxdk, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. tuxxdk

    tuxxdk International Penguin of Mystery

    Today I went brave. Brave ol'me. Sometimes. Today was one.

    I put on The Veg before going out the door for work. Went into the living room to kiss my girlfriend goodbye and at about 3,5 seconds after that she had a glitch on her face. You know, like a videogame with a bad frame or hiccup. Followed by a meddled sound of "what the **** is that you're wearing??". Feeling confident today I winked and asked if she liked it. She mumbled something about a cat just before I dashed and fleed the scene, just missing the TV- remote stroking my neck as it flew by. Good thing the car locks from the inside!

    So now I'm sitting here at work, wondering if my Den still hangs or its been burned :)

    Thanks @Bama Samurai for the sample. It's not that bad once it mellows out. Apparently it's not for everyone. Lol.
  2. wristwatchb

    wristwatchb wristwatch "danger" b

  3. RyX

    RyX DoH! Staff Member

    When I wear it, the first couple minutes are quite intense. Half hour later it's mellowed. I do catch a whiff hours later after the Felinus Incontinus has faded.
    You might try reapplying with enough time for the initial effect to dissipate.
    There is lilac in there somewhere.
  4. crackstar

    crackstar Israeli Ambassador to TSD

    My barber wears it - in fact, he's very generous about how he applies it. Whenever I get a haircut he insists on giving me a good splash or two of it and I tell him "no, thanks!" in Greek!
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  5. Spyder

    Spyder Well-Known Member

    Only"real men" can be "Veg"-atarians! :)
  6. Mr. Freeze93

    Mr. Freeze93 Prefers the baby blue dress

    Since being chosen I pretty much bath in the Veg. The wife loves it and so do I so win-win!
  7. richgem

    richgem suffering from chronic clicker hand cramps

    it had to have been the veg. Surely by now she is accustomed to the smell of lutkfisk and herring breath....
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  8. RyX

    RyX DoH! Staff Member

    On occasions I catch the Playdoh scent.

    “Legends say the Veg will magnify your true essence…on some, it smells like cannon smoke and raw courage; on others, like an involuntary bodily reaction caused by the sudden unexpected appearance of cannon smoke and raw courage.” Topgumby of B&B
  9. gwsmallwood

    gwsmallwood Well-Known Member

    My wife said I smelled like a Porta Potty. I've been advised to start by decanting it into a glass bottle, then let it sit with the cap off for a week or two. Apparently it can dramatically alter the scent profile. I'm working on finishing up a hot sauce bottle now for decanting, so I'll let you know when I have some results.
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  10. Spyder

    Spyder Well-Known Member

    I like the hot sauce bottle idea:) I learn something new every day!
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  11. dbersh

    dbersh Well-Known Member

    Enjoy using the VEG, and noticed a difference once I decanted into an actual classic glass VEG bottle...but any glass bottle would do, I just got lucky one day and found my bottle very cheap (i think less than 10 bucks with shipping)
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  12. gwsmallwood

    gwsmallwood Well-Known Member

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  13. RyX

    RyX DoH! Staff Member

    When decanting to a glass bottle the label can be moved. After emptying the precious green fluid from the plastic container, fill with water. Using your microwave in short burst of 10 to 15 seconds will soften the glue. Careful of the now hot water and softened plastic bottle. While the glue is still hot and soft move the label to the new glass container. You're welcome!
  14. gwsmallwood

    gwsmallwood Well-Known Member

    That's what I did, but you might be able to tell by the condition of the label that it was the first time, and I learned a little. I read somewhere that 120 seconds was just about right for most microwaves. So I filled 'er up with water and placed in the nuker for 120. Opened up 2 minutes later to a bloated bottle sitting inside a microwave that was fairly well soaked and smelled strongly of Clubman. Apparently my power rating is a little different than whomever gave that advice...
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  15. Spyder

    Spyder Well-Known Member

    Cool! Now, I'll go home and make a big hit with SWMBO by cleaning old hot sauce out of the fridge. Little will she know;)
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  16. battle.munky

    battle.munky Has the menthol.munky on his back!

    I use a Texas Pete bottle. That little hole is a PITA to get fluid back into. I ultimately ended up putting a qtip with on end broken off (cotton end into the bottle being decanted from) and let the fluid drip down the broken qtip stick. Had way more control and lost a lot less AS that way.
  17. southernscribbler

    southernscribbler Well-Known Member

    My wife has confiscated bot my Clubman and Masters Lilac Veg. She now uses it. Says it's too flowery for me to wear and that it smells much better on her. Did NOT see that coming!
  18. gwsmallwood

    gwsmallwood Well-Known Member

    That's some serious dedication to a particular bottle. My solution would have been to buy another bottle with a little larger opening.
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  19. Spyder

    Spyder Well-Known Member

    Sounds like it also might be difficult to get a couple of big handfuls out of the bottle. Don't everyone know it take lots of Veg?
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  20. Bama Samurai

    Bama Samurai with Laser-like Focus Staff Member

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