Medieval knight in shining armor sterling silver shaving brush

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    Yeah, that seems to be a bit much. I'm sure they did some custom work but $1000 in the 1920s was an incredible amount of money. This ad from 1929 had their most expensive brush at $50.00 for "the world's finest deluxe brush."

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    "No woman today goes for a guy with a beaver"

    Great research work on recording the history of that brush.
    I wonder how many of those they made in sterling? It must have been quite limited if it only sold at flagship department store like Horne's in Pittsburgh.
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    Thanks, it was an interesting one for sure. The fluff-piece news article really is funny. I like the quote that the knot itself was worth $113 (in 1947 dollars) because it came from "Silver-tipped Siberian badgers."

    I can't imagine too many of these were made (or sold, for that matter) if they really did go for $400 back then. Way too much money for an item that was considered utilitarian.
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