Merkur Futur Clone....My thoughts.

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Rich Daverson, Apr 8, 2017.

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    Read the first post by Neal @NCoxSTL , then jump to the end. If you read months worth of the thread, there would still be inside jokes left to be explained. During you first post, list your gear and what you'd like to improve or explore. From there The Crew will sweep you along, offer advice, poke fun, laugh with your jokes, and welcome you as a brother.
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    That's a great summary of the 30DC.
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    Haven't used my M-S 2000 since Christmas Season when I got it....
    I got my first real Ever Ready early Lather Catcher razor shortly there after and got swept back 100 years again.:happy108:
    I'm crazy for those centenarian razors!!! And for GOOD REASON!

    But back to the subject at my wife mentioned the Ming-Shi and asked if I ever shaved with it....It was supposed to be a stocking stuffer from her last Christmas....I broke it out and reviewed it a couple days before Christmas though...:happy097: What could I do? :lyrtuy5:.....Andrew's Shop has such good got here so fast!!!! And you know......:char039: ......I'm supposed to wait til Christmas morning?...:shocked003: I don't THINK so!!! forward to upon reflection.....I remember I was actually VERY impressed with it....I'm amazed I haven't stepped out of the SE/Injector bag long enough to even look at it again ...Soooo

    Today's Shave:
    Using this ultra modern unmentionable, I couldn't go with the TOST LE I used the Barbasol which acquitted itself admirably I might add!

    3 pass Perfect BBS...on setting 4....I have to be honest....I call em as I sees em......Todays set-up was perfect.....From the Barbasol thru the Ming-Shi to the Aqua Velva.....Perfection! Could not be improved upon!!!
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    Same here, I try to order many for gift sets since Jan18 after tested one myself to great satisfaction, shaving & built quality is superb at $4 comparable to Muhle, but wholesaler & sellers kept saying no stock. Rather frustrating.

    Qshave, River & Yintai seem to have plenty of stock now but price has since increase from past $4 to $13. Im trying to aproach factory directly but its tough with communication.
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    Have tried Mingshi 2000 for over 6mths, its my 1st choice razor now esp when beard & hair is overgrown after 4-5days. It will be torturing to shave long hair with other razor.

    At setting 4.5, it always work wonder to mow down any length of whisker & head hair without clogging even after many passes. Never has single burn & cut, alignment still good, satinfinishing like new, overall a perfect razor can't believe at $4. So Muhle R89 is cold store now. Lost my open comb R41 in mail, but this Futur clone is good enough to meet all my daily needs.

    Getting used to the smooth handle & heavy weight, could shave with swapping wet hand now. Could do very quick shave by now, WTG, XTG almost smooth, still not master ATG yet. But the BBS effect is gone, not sure why. May be expectation is getting higher.
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    At the moment I'm awaiting 2 adjustable and 1 regular butterfly razors. Was tempted to buy a clone as well, as I like the looks, but at $12-20 I'm waiting until I know if I want to test another razor or not. (already spent 105 euro in 2 days on 3 razors ;) ) It's still top of the list now.
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    Too good to miss man, the clone quality was superb that i would believe its genuine if the packaging was printed Merkur. Shaving is matching Muhle quality. You can consider getting a Merkur Futur for long term usage, for me, even the clone is simply solid to satisfy all my needs..

    Now i could shave from 1~6 easily, 6 if i wanted real bbs.

    Butterfly razor shaving lack that solid feeling, likely due to that vibration.
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