Merkur Progress: a great teacher

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by zippersmith, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. zippersmith

    zippersmith New Member

    Hi gang,
    I've been using my Progress the last few days and that big rounded head really helps me be acutely aware of angle. It is easy to make small adjustments to blade angle with this razor and feel the difference that small adjustment made.

    I have been DE shaving now about 6 months and thought I had it down. Using the Progress just really allowed me to actually feel how sloppy I can get with angle and that probably has been at the source of the irritation or nicks I get now and then.

    I used an English Aristocrat Jr. heavy base plate model today and with that new awareness, got a fantastic shave. I can't seem to stop rubbing my face. lol.
  2. Leisureguy

    Leisureguy Read My Blog

    The Progress is very nice indeed---I like the chunky feel of it. And good for you on the excellent shave.
  3. TraderJoe

    TraderJoe Pink Floid

    A good feature of the progress is that dialed all the way down to the lowest setting, it can be a very mild shaver.
  4. jbcohen

    jbcohen New Member

    Now that you have learned how to do this correctly here are the next two questions: are you using the best razor for your face? are you using htbe st blade for your face? The progress may be a great one to learn on, but is it the best for your face?
  5. zippersmith

    zippersmith New Member

    I usually do pretty well with the Progress (I set it to 3, 3.5, or 4 depending on my mood)

    The other two I just love are English Gillette HD Rocket (my favorite razor right now), and Heavy Flat-plate Aristocrat Jr. (they shave almost identically), I'm still learning with the Slant; I use it when I haven't shaved for a day or more. I also have a Super adjustable that works very well....I use it for travel.

    I like Gillette Super Stainless - Spoiler, Gillette Platinum Plus, Sputnik, Astra Superior, Treet Platinum, IP, and 7AM blades. With the old Gillettes being my favorites.

    I think this hobby can get out of hand.
  6. mantic

    mantic U TOOB

    Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

    I make no secret that someone will have to pry my Progress out of my cold, dead hand. :drool


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