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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by rbaloha, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. rbaloha

    rbaloha Member

    A newbie de user with a question.

    Currently receiving excellent cheek shaves with the slant and feather blade. However unable to achieve a similar shave in the the throat area. Using em's soap with Proraso.

    Any suggestions?
  2. JayKay

    JayKay 3000 posts and all I got was this lousy title

    Read all the posts about it and newbie guides.
  3. Hi there,
    I'm glad that combo's been working pretty well for you. I have yet to try a slant, but use the feather blade in my fatboy with great results. My neck is the 'Achilles Heel' of my face when shaving.......heh. Yeah, the pattern's like crop circles in some spots, so that NS or ES pass doesn't mean much........grain wise.
    Now, I have no idea if this would be as effective with a slant, but Mantic (Mark) has a nice feature on advanced techniques. He shows both 'blade buffing' and 'J hooking'. The second one really helped me mop up those little bits on my neck I kept missing, but I'm not sure if J hooking would be ok with a slant. Maybe someone else would have some actual shaving experience to share using that method and razor
    Hope that helps a bit,
  4. rbaloha

    rbaloha Member

    Thank for the reply. What is blade bluffing?

    Other techniques discovered from previous posts are holding the slant at the end of the handle and keeping the slant parallel to the shaving area?

    Thoughts please.
  5. This will save me those thousand words...heh. I'll just say I use the blade buffing technique on my chin mostly, and it's also a very effective final reduction method. I mostly use it going ATG, and it's very gratifying.
    I can't speak to the way that Merkur's supposed to be held, having never used one.
    Here you go, complements of the very talented Mantic.
  6. rbaloha

    rbaloha Member

    Thanks again.

    Already using the slide technique which works great on the cheeks.

    Blade buffing looks very promising--appears it could help in the throat area. Noticed the teacher has a thick foam. Look forward to trying this technique.

    The J Hook may be too aggressive for my skin and beard. But again maybe not.

    Anyway I appreciate the link and already studied it closely.
  7. Hi again,
    So, you use that slide trick eh? I actually do that on just one side of my face, but it's a little tricky.
    The J hooking isn't needed anywhere except for my neck, and it's only used combined with my last touch pass. Hehe, Mark sure makes it look easy when going over his face and neck with that technique, and part of the trick is extremely light pressure. I have average skin and beard and when done right there's no irritation from that. I've actually gravitated to a long sliding J hook, which is even more effective on my jawline.
    Glad I was able to help in some way,
  8. rbaloha

    rbaloha Member

    Blade Buffering worked exceedingly well

    With a week old feather I tried the blade buffering technique. Achieved excellent results.

    Mixed more proraso than usual with em's soap. Shaved by holding at the end of the slant. 2 n-s slides on the cheeks and 2 s-n in the throat area. Progressed to blade buffering.

    This technique does require thicker lather for protection since it is very aggressive. In the cheek area it appears comparable to atg. In the the throat area the shave was significantly closer than past multiple s-n and n-s passes.

    Wish I discovered DE much earlier in life. Shaving is much more fun and interesting at a much lower cost.

    This board is incredible for information.

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