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    This is a place to show appreciation for an extremely well made family of razors, The Gem Micromatic family. There are 3 main Micromatics with a few variations within the 3 at least as far as I know. They are the MicroMatic Open Comb or MMOC the MicroMatic Clog Proof or MMCP and the MicroMatic Bullet Tip or MMBT. There are several other names for these razors but whatever you call them they are fantastic razors that are built like a tank. All Gems and Gem cousins are welcome here. The ones I know of are Gem of course, Ever-Ready and Treet. Basically any rumor produced by American Razor Company or ASR. So to kick things of I will be shaving with one of the Micromatics and it's cousin an Ever-Ready tonight

    The Gem is an MMCP
    The Ever-Ready a 1914 aka little lather catcher.
    I will use a Ted Pella 6th use blade and lathering up with Tabac on a two band badger brush.


    I hope to see @Chuck Naill @Flintstone65 @Tanuki @Ron R @jmudrick and a few others here. If I didn't mention someone who you think would enjoy this thread please tag them and invite them.
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