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    A little while ago, I got a Milady Decollete in a Gold Tuckaway case. Someone must have had it in the case for a long time because the indentation on the inside fits this handle, as opposed to the original Tuckaway handle. There were two cracks on the handle and I could've just epoxied the ends on. But, I wanted something new and took one of my Old Type handles, which had a couple cracks, and cut it down to size. I dated the razor to 1920, according to it's serial number on the comb plate. Finding the original case without the razor might be a pain, so I might have a project in the future. The first pic showing what I had, with the cracks on the handle. And with it the donor handle next to it. The second pic with the new part installed.................
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    very cool Jim,nice job..
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    Thank you Gary.
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