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Discussion in 'Preshave and Aftershave' started by Regan, May 1, 2011.

  1. Regan

    Regan Well-Known Member

    Hey, I was wondering if anybody has ever mixed two types of aftershaves together. I assume that many of like ones would go well together. But my question is more pertaining to mixing splashes and milks, or mixing splashes and balms?

    I am wondering as I love the scents from TSD. There is way more selection to what scents can have. However most alcohol and some witch hazel splashes still dry my face, while sometimes balms/milks leave me feelings a bit too oily.

    Thank you in advanced for the help
  2. swarden43

    swarden43 "It's your shave. Enjoy it your way."©

    Witch hazel more for the medicinal properties, Brut AS for the scent.
  3. DLreno

    DLreno Well-Known Member

    Most of my serious mixing has been concocting bay rum blends. However, on occasion, I have added a drop of Nivea balm to aftershaves (mixed in a shot glass) to make a balmy-milky aftershave. Any more, for expediency, I just apply them separately, first the aftershave, then the balm, which works for me just as well. What is nice about the Nivea is it does not detract from the A/S.
  4. Regan

    Regan Well-Known Member

    Thank you both for the response.

    When mixed did the mix work well? or did it separate and what not?
  5. Art Vandelay

    Art Vandelay Active Member

    I have dry skin, so my order of things is to splash on some Witch Hazel to tighten the skin a little and seal off any little weepers, then apply some unscented Nivea balm. After that I get dressed and brush my teeth while the balm dries down, and then put on my aftershave splash for the final finish and good smell. It's probably overkill but we're not so much about moderation 'round these parts.
  6. Regan

    Regan Well-Known Member

    Ah ok cool. Do you think that the splash after takes away some of the moisture from the balm? And ya moderation. What is that?
  7. DLreno

    DLreno Well-Known Member

    I think they work better applied separately. Especially the balm. YMMV.
  8. Regan

    Regan Well-Known Member

    Ya the one problem with that is the balm is too much for my skin in the summer. Thank you all for responses. Today i tried milk let dry then splash. Best one yet. I am going to try a mix when I find a little container to mix it in and try that out.
  9. Art Vandelay

    Art Vandelay Active Member

    I find that the a/s does dry the balm a little, but that's a good thing. Otherwise my face feels a little greasy, so the a/s provides a good balance between not too dry and not too oily.
  10. Regan

    Regan Well-Known Member

    Exactly what I am going for. I tried the milk. Then splash and it was nice. Just a good shave this morning.
  11. EnglishChannel

    EnglishChannel Well-Known Member

    I almost always mix unscented moisturizer

    with certain After Shaves in the winter to keep them from drying me out.

    The really astringent scents like Clubman Virgin Island Bay Rum are too drying in the winter months for regular daily use. I just put a dollup of cream in my hand and sprinkle on some of my favorite scent, rub hands together and apply.

    Works great. I am going to have to try mixing Witch Hazel with an AS as mentioned above. That sounds good also.
  12. mwleach58

    mwleach58 Active Member

    Don't remember where I read about this... but I tried it and liked it.

    Liberally coat yourself with the heavenly Lilac Vegetal, and when dry, add a splash of regular Clubman, overtop. A wonderful mix of the two. Smells much better than it sounds.
  13. gorgo2

    gorgo2 geezerhood

    Avon Spicy + Avon Leather = a very close and very wearable copy of O.S. Leather. It may go well with/improve English Leather, come to think of it.
  14. CHSeifert

    CHSeifert Active Member

    Sorry for the late BUMP! but I also like overkill when it comes to shaving and skin care :lol:

    I've experimented with lots and lots of After shave products and found that what I prefer is also a 3 step procedure, which many find is overkill - but works awesome for me.

    I even sometimes upgrade that to a 5 step procedure, when I've had a really bad shave with lots of nicks and cuts.

    My 3 step AS procedure goes like this:

    After having shaved I splash my face with cold water and use a disposable washcloth dipped in cold water to rinse and cool my face.

    Then I apply a tiny bit of Proraso Cutting Edge Razor Burn Repair (contains alcohol) followed by a tiny bit of Proraso Cutting Edge Protective AS Cream and finally add one of my favorite After Shave Lotions or Splashes as the third step.

    I have 5 AS Lotion/Splash favourites:

    Proraso AS Splash (best in the summer time)
    Proraso AS Balm (best in the winter time)
    Mühle AloeVera AS Lotion (all year round)
    Mühle Sandalwood AS Lotion (all year round)
    Mühle Seabucktorn AS Lotion (all year round)

    If the shave was TERRIBLE I will start with TOBS Styptic Pencil/Proraso CutGel followed by Speick AS Lotion and then my 3 step AS precedure.

    Always use extremely small amounts of each product.
  15. DE_Dude

    DE_Dude New Member

    I cut Clubman with Thayer's Lavender to keep it from getting offensive to those around me. That Clubman is pretty strong.

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