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  1. J_Man

    J_Man right on the Mass border


    I do have a garden. Grew plenty of vegetables my wife canned some.

    We have a stockpile that could withstand an apocalyptic event.

    I have a 6k watt generator. I was just a little frustrated when the nearest gas station was closed due to having no power.

    My wife had her brother come and dig her a "burnin pit" with his backhoe. Thankfully far away from the house LOL!

    I do have a dog, but it's miniature poodle.

    A cat? Getting beat up by a cat could really ruin my dogs self-esteem.

    I have 2 large propane tanks.

    To be honest most of my problem is just coming down to boredom. My wife has a lot of serious health issues, so I can't leave her alone for very long. There really isn't anything close to us, so I need to be close by if she needs me.

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  2. Terry

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    Now you need a workshop!
    Good luck with your wife.
    Hope she does ok.
    Might spend some time building a gazebo for you two to enjoy. :D

    I have the pickup on ramps, have to drop the gas tank to fix some hoses.
    To hot for that today.
    Have to pull yearly maintainance on the tractor this month.
    Gotta get the supplies friday.
    Need to fix the grandsons go cart.
    I like the country.
    Just washed the car and bike with the grandson, he's 8, we got wetter than the

    Might take walk in the woods, might get a squril or two today.

    It's 90° out here, my feet aren't feeling good. I'll rest em till I head to the woods today.
    Well here I always have somthing to do. My problem is not enough time.

    Good luck!
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  3. brit

    brit in a box

    awesome..well said..i can't wait..:cool:
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