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  1. would it be a good idea to use proraso or baume shave cream or other of their products but using it with a modern disposable or system multiblade razor like from gillette, schick, bic, or some other brand instead of merkur? would anyone happen to know if this would be a good idea or not? rsvp.
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  3. RyX

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    Most folks here at TSD prefer Double Edge razors like the old fashioned Gillettes or a modern equivalent, or a Single edge like Schicks or the newer types in that style, or straight razors or their replaceable blade decedents - the shavette.

    For in depth discussion of cartridge razors you might look in the Cartridge Razor forums --> HERE.
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  4. Shaver X

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    Quality shaving cream made a world of difference when I was using a Gillette Trac II. The only reasons I switched to a safety razor was they look way cool and replacement blades cost far less.

    Have you ever tried Cremo or Kiss My Face? If you are located in the United States, both are widely sold.
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    Not the most modern disposable out there, but i hope my todays SOTD-pic answers some questions
    DSC_0589.JPG The razor felt a bit dull, but i ended up with a close shave, without any irritation. That said, i can get better results with a DE, with less work.
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    I get great shaves with those @MrDaniel's. Great pic and way to be bold and post a cheap plastic jobber in a SOTD! It's like blasphemy. I like it!

    I usually don't pack a razor when I travel so I get what I get from the hotel front desk and it is usually one of those or a non-pivoting head twin type disposable.
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    Thanks! Had to revisit them out of curiosity.
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  8. jimjo1031

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    This is the only disposable that gave me near BBS shaves without much effort..........

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    Now that i have sobered up somewhat...

    I think your question is:
    "Is it a good idea to use traditional shaving soaps and creams with cartridge razors?"

    Yes. In fact probably a better idea than using goop which i would imagine is harder to rinse than a proper lather. Also, a proper lather hydrates better than goop and this is what makes the shave more comfortable.

    Imho obv ymmv.
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    It definitely won't hurt to try. At worst, you'll have a tough time rinsing and clearing the blades. But, I think that would be only with a small number of products. Times that I've been in a rush, I've had no problem using shaving soap with a cart razor. Similarly, you can easily use shaving foam with a DE or SE.
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    I use shave soap with a cart rather often and it works fine.

    I've found that with good technique you get a really good shave with a cart. They are super simple to use so you get a passable shave easily enough but once you've honed your skill using DE razors, getting a super close, near BBS out of a cart is a breeze.
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  12. Primotenore

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    Great first step to traditional wet shaving. Let us know how you like using shave soap.
  13. canoeroller

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    I used traditional soaps almost from my first shave. I used trac2's, mach 3's and several other multi blade razors over the years. I always got better shaves with traditional soap or cream and a brush than from aerosols.
  14. Sara-s

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    Good prep is good prep. No matter what razor you use, a good soap will be more enjoyable and better for your skin.
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    Porazo tends towards the thicker/paste like lather, and is one of the few soaps I would not recommend for more than a two-bladed cartridge.

    It will work...but it might clog the razor way more than you expect.
  16. richgem

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    I've also had cloggage problems with some of the brushless tubes you can buy at natural groceries and vitamin places.
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