My Dads Birthday!

Discussion in 'The Chatterbox' started by RaZorBurn123, Aug 23, 2020.

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    Hey, hi everyone! Kerry's daughter here once again ahah. If I remember correctly he would always give birthday shoutouts to the folks on here when it was their birthday :) Screenshot_20200823-144315.png
    Today my pops would have been 58! & It's been a little over a week since he's left earth. Thank you to all of you that have given your condolences & prayers. You guys rock
    I thought I'd include a few pictures of my dad throughout his life. Although he didn't loOOove the camera lol!!

    I hope you all have a blessed Sunday!
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  2. Omelmad

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    Hello Amber, he used to do that.

    I have been a member here on the forum for a long time, but lately I have been a little absent for a while.

    Kerry and I used to talk ALOT. You could read the messages on here. He used to talk about you and your mother.

    A couple of weeks ago I wanted to log on and write to him. I had no idea about this and I'm really sorry for your loss.

    Your father was an amazing man, super kind and funny.
  3. Sara-s

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    My condolences for your loss along with thanks for this lovely tribute to him.
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