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Discussion in 'Cartridge Razors' started by Hoss304, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. Hoss304

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    Recently I was out of town and in need of a shave. I hit up Family Dollar store and saw this pack of disposables. Clearly they are marketed for black men . I know black men have razor bump issues as alot of YouTube I watch is about razor burn . I saw these on the shelf and thought I'd give them a try . By reading the package and visiting the website I see that this is a mega popular cart as well as disposables. The blade is "wavy" best I can describe it. Designed for WTG only passes. It's made to not take the whisker below the skin . My first try I think I went for too smooth of a shave. I had some irritation afterwards but that is coming from quality DE to a cheap cart . I did a quick one pass wtg last night and I didn't try for a bbs close shave. Results weren't award winning but wasn't awful. I'm going to continue through the pack and see how things go . Just thought I'd share this ! Someone with razor burn issues like myself might be interested if you can live with a decent not super smooth shave. 20170723_100518.jpg
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    They used to make (maybe still do, dunno) a really nice rubber coated metal handle that fit Trac II carts. Had a nice heft and grip to it. Never got a good shave from them as my skin type ain't what it's designed for but that handle alone was worth the price for a T-II user.

    Where is that FD gel made?
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  3. Hoss304

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    Yes they sell the handle and carts on the website. Not sure what all carts fit . I'll look into it if I get through this pack. It would be ok for a fast morning shave . The WORST I ever used in a cart was a Bic Hybrid .
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  4. MariosK39

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    Thank you for sharing. I might give these a try - I was looking for a new set anyway.

    As for your irritation, I've had to suffer that EACH DAY for a whole year while doing military service - daily obligatory shaves, often in a hurry, really early in the morning is a recipe for extreme razor bumps - so I know exactly how to deal with it. I suggest you take a peek.
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    I use this razor, been using it for years actually. You have to make a few passes for a close and clean shave. I find the disposables work best and are easiest for me to handle.

    As a vegetarian for lather I use a cruelty-free more natural soap bar (like Kiss My Face's Olive Oil bar), or a J.R. Liggett's Shampoo Bar, with an old shave brush from the Body Shop. In the past, I used shaving soap from Kiss My Face and that product was unavailable for a while as the company re-branded itself but it seems to be recently available again. I find that with using more natural cruelty-free soap/shampoo bar/shave soaps there are generally less, with the exception of Dr. Bronner's soaps, chemicals so your skin is left moisturized and not dried out like if you use a more commercial and chemically heavy shaving cream products.

    I would just wet my shave brush, use it on a soap bar/shampoo bar/ or with shave soap and lather it up on my face. I take a few minutes to shave 2-3 times for a consistent close shave all over (I do this if I have not been shaving for between 2-3 days, then after this initial shave I usually shave 1 or 2 times during my shave for daily maintenance afterwards until I brake from shaving) and I'm done. I rinse the extra soap off and my skin is left fairly moisturized, I do not need a moisturizer except in the drier fall and winter sometimes.

    People comment on how smooth my skin is when I tell them I was prone to bumps before using Bump Fighter.

    Worth noting I just found an interesting 2017 article in the The Atlantic on dealing with razor bumps as I searched for contact information for Bump Fighter.
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  6. Terry

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    You know the razor that works for you, is the very best razor, bar none, for you.
    Glad you like it.
  7. Ben Weiss

    Ben Weiss New Member

    It's a good razor if you experience razor bumps. And if someone does they should try it along with other options. I would not claim it's the best as I have not tried many others but it can work if you know how to use it and I just wanted people to know its particulars. Thanks.
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    I wander around the 30DC group. They have helped me a lot. I've used plastic disposal razors in the past but could never get anything other than a bad shave. I would probably use them if I could, but they aren't right for me. Razor reports are essential to those who visit this site. I use razors then make a little post on what I did or didn't like, and the particulars on the equipment used. Keep up the good work and posts. Unlike some razor sites, here if it works for you, use it with pride.


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