My "First" DE Shave in 40 Years! "And" Beyond! Discoveries during the journey!

Discussion in 'Shower or Shave of the Day' started by S Barnhardt, Jan 21, 2020.

  1. S Barnhardt

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    I have no complaint about the cartridges (Harry's) I use. They cost on average $2 per and I get 4-6 shaves out of each. I shaved with them every 3-5 days for an average of $4 a month.

    I've seen, this morning, Voskhod blades for $8.98 per 100 on Amazon. which equates to 0.09 per blade. Shaving roughly every 3 days that's 10 shaves per month. If I used a blade, on average of 3 times, that's 3-4 blades a month, or $0.27 a month for blades.

    All of which adds up to saving $3.73 a month or $44.76 a year.

    Edit: Cartridge cost correction. & Add blade cost per month comparison.
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  2. Jayaruh

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    Let the journey begin.
  3. S Barnhardt

    S Barnhardt Old, Crusty Barn

    On this "journey" into the depths of DE depravity, I shaved yesterday with my Harry's set up. Everything else remained the same. This was done purely for reasons of expediency. My available time was limited.

    I suppose I'm more hesitant with the DEs, which is to be expected and probably needed. But this morning, as I ran my hand over my cheek, danged it it did't feel smoother still than I feel like I've been getting with the DE. Granted, I've only got 2 DE shaves in the book and I'm definitely still "learning" that process. Since I am "learning", I'm wondering what I might do, or be more aware of, to enhance my DE process? :signs002:

    Thanks to you all! :thanks:
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  4. Edison Carter

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    A common recommendation for a shaver learning straights is a partial and limited use of the new tool and follow up by finishing with a more familiar tool.

    It gives the user 2 things needed, experience and confidence.

    I've never heard the advice moving from a cartridge to a DE, but it is worth considering.
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  5. Boojum1

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    Congratulations! Lifetime supply of styptic too. ;)
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  6. Jim99

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    When I started with DEs, I transitioned from cartridges over the course of a few weeks. I would use the DE on weekends and on those weekdays where I had a few extra minutes to focus on the shave.

    Try a gradual transition as you build up your experience with the DE.
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  7. S Barnhardt

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  8. S Barnhardt

    S Barnhardt Old, Crusty Barn

    I went to a local chain drugstore a couple of days ago looking for witch hazel and Nivea AS Balm. I went looking for Thayer's witch hazel, but they didn't have that brand, so I'll wait until I find some of that brand. Did find Nivea Aftershave Balm in a "sensitive skin" and, I think it was, extra/extra strength/etc. Bought one of the "sensitive skin" ones. They had shelf tags on both of the Nivea choices to the effect of "get it while you can", etc. making me think they might be closing it out. I got it for $4 and change per down from $8 something. I've not bought it, or priced it, elsewhere so I have no idea if that's a good price, a "so-so" price, or what. What do you think along those lines?
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  9. PLANofMAN

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    Unless you really want a pretty Thayer's bottle, or alcohol free, rose, or cucumber scented witch hazel, there is no reason to spend $10 on a bottle of witch hazel.

    The generic witch hazel is the exact same stuff as the name brand, so there isn't a "better quality" reason to avoid the generic versions.

    It smells like charred newspaper, and the smell vanishes in under a minute. I recommend just buying the generic from Wal*Mart, (look on the bottom shelf next to isopropyl alcohol). It's about $2-3. Then toddle over to the travel size racks and grab a little spray mister bottle for a buck. About three squirts does it for me. You can also use it like an aftershave splash, but that's a bit wasteful. What you don't want to do is follow the bottle's application directions. That involves soaking a cotton ball and rubbing that around.
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  10. S Barnhardt

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    I'll keep that in mind. My reasoning, although probably faulty, was #1 everyone talks about Thayers so it must be "good." , #2 with all the "smells/fragrances" Thayers has, I figured generic witch hazel must have an odor that needed covering up. That's pretty much my reasoning. Thanks!

  11. Linuxguile

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    I usually see the Nivea for around $5 a bottle around these parts. The sensitive is good stuff with a very faint barbershop type scent. As Ryan said get the store brand witch hazel, especially if you're going to be following it up with a balm or aftershave splash.
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  12. PLANofMAN

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    Well, lower your expectations, for starters. :)

    You'll hear "you get better shaves from a DE than from a cart," quite often here... And it's true. What will not happen is that your face will feel smoother after a DE shave, than a cart shave.

    You'll enjoy many benefits from DE shaving, including:
    Younger looking, healthier skin
    Less irritation
    Fewer ingrown hairs
    A general improvement in one's grooming habits

    You will also learn HOW to shave, and that skill will improve your shaving experience, even if you go back to using cartridges full time.

    Just because you don't need to know how to shave to use a cartridge, doesn't mean that knowing how to shave properly won't improve the cartridge shaving experience.
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  13. TommyCarioca

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    Welcome back!

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  14. TommyCarioca

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    Da da da. 3 is the magic number!

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  15. S Barnhardt

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  16. S Barnhardt

    S Barnhardt Old, Crusty Barn

    I tried a Feather yesterday for the first time. No problems with it, but it did give rise to a question about terminology.

    It seemed to cut my beard with a very small amount less effort. More of a "glide" if I can use that term. Is this what is meant when folks use the term/s smooth and/or smoothness of a shave with a particular blade? Everything else, up to that point, was the same as all my other shaves. I'm trying to keep it all the same except the razor/blade combination so I can fairly evaluate and choose. I'm using Nivea Sensitive instead of Clubman Special Reserve AS for the time being.

    BTW...I did "nick" a bump on the side of my neck. A very small amount of bleeding, but I used the "My NIK is sealed" roll-on styptic I'd bought. I have to say, I was impressed with it. Quick, easy, and convenient.

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  17. Edison Carter

    Edison Carter Goo-bloomin' Stankster

    #1 - For me, a new Feather DE is a bit 'toothy' on the first shave. Many (including me) notice a pleasant difference on shaves two and three that I would describe as smoother.

    #2 - How do we know for sure that, that 'nick' was not done deliberately? After all...... you are the Styptic King.
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  18. S Barnhardt

    S Barnhardt Old, Crusty Barn

    How do you know, you ask?? To paraphrase a line from an iconic Charlie Daniels song "The Devil Went Down To Georgia"......Sit down and let me tell you how it's done!

    How it's done is this! I'm a WOOS! Hate to see my own blood. Have seen, and dealt with, that of others in my career, but for me to "intentionally let" some of my own? Nah!! Notta!! No!! :happy088:
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  19. S Barnhardt

    S Barnhardt Old, Crusty Barn

    Had that 2nd shave out of the Feather today. It "seemed" a tad smoother, like you said! It was on a week's worth of beard growth, so it had a good bit to deal with.

    More about this shave below.
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  20. S Barnhardt

    S Barnhardt Old, Crusty Barn

    Got my 2nd shave in today on my first Feather DE. It "seemed" to go well, especially considering I hadn't shaved in a week, literally. There was a good amount of growth for it to deal with, but it gave me the impression of "gliding" right through it. So, call it what you will.

    The shave consisted of the same Slim still on 4, Proraso Green lathered in a wooden bowl with an Omega 48. Hot water face wash, followed with a hot cloth followed by 3 passes. (1 with, 1 across, 1 against) Hot, wet cloth clean up. "This time" I added a witch hazel spritz/spray after my clean up, especially since I felt like I had a tad of irritation. However, I have an off and on skin thing that sometimes causes a tad of irritation. Who knows? Followed the witch hazel with my usual Nivea Sensitive Balm followed by some of my RX cream my dermatologist gives me on the irritated spots. All in all a good solid 7-8 on a scale of 1-10. Onward!

    EDIT: Oh yeah, @Edison Carter , no nicks, therefore, no need to break out the styptic arsenal.
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