My Game Changer.

Discussion in 'General Shaving Talk' started by cliffb599, Jul 20, 2018.

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    Here's the Game Changer .84-P with the Weber 'WAVE' handle. Now we're taking a razor! :)[​IMG]

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  2. bigwaverazor

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    GC .84-p
    Valobra Soap
    Perma-Sharp Super

    (Smooth Shave/Perfectly BBS)

    Just had one of my best shaves ever, just BRILLIANT. I'm glad I put the Weber Wave handle on the GC .84. It appeared to be easier to control the downward pressure than with the original Super Knurl. Zero irritation.
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  3. bigwaverazor

    bigwaverazor Well-Known Member

    If anyone has noticed...ha,ha... RazoRock is almost completely sold out of the .84-P, only having the configuration with the head matted to the Super Knurl. Since I like the Weber handle better and ordered a few extra of them, I ordered a 2nd Game Changer .84-P. I don't know what I'll do with the 2 Super Knurl handles but I wanted the .84 heads in case RazoRock decides to not restock the .84-p, like what has been experienced with the .68 head. Rumor has it that maybe they are coming out with a 1.05 instead. The .84-p ROCKS!
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    I know this thread has been quiet for a while, but I thought I'd revive it. I'm a near-exclusive vintage guy, but I was getting an itch to try a reasonably priced modern razor and took a flyer on the RR Game Changer .84-P -- and I'm glad I did. I've had a week of shaves with it, and I'm definitely a fan. It's not my most efficient razor, but it is definitely one of my smoothest razors -- basically it's really nice trade-off/balance of efficiency and comfort. If someone asked me for a non-vintage DE recommendation, I'd send them over to the GC. I will say that I don't love the RR handles -- they're either too long (100 mm to me is a like shaving with a vaulting pole) or too heavy -- the Tibam Titanium handle below fits the razor well:
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