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Discussion in 'Cartridge Razors' started by Leo K., Sep 19, 2013.

  1. Leo K.

    Leo K. Well-Known Member

    The Gillette Sensor was my razor of choice upon turning 19 years old, in 1990. I used this and the Sensor Excel for years. I have fond memories of it. I got good shaves. Unfortunately I no longer have my original 1990 handle. So I bought three original handles off the Bay so I could return to the original Gillette Sensor handle and relive the 1990’s. These will be seen in my SOTD posts! The Sensors in picture one and two were found in the estate of a retired Gillette executive.

    1993 copyright

    1993 copyright

    1989 copyright

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  2. battle.munky

    battle.munky Has the menthol.munky on his back!

    I had the blue one in the rainbow package in around the same timeframe.
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  3. Sontag

    Sontag Well-Known Member

    Leo K, that was quite a find.

    By the way, I was 19 in 1990 also.
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  4. Ryan B

    Ryan B Knight of the Soapocracy

    My dad had that last razor pictured. I vaguely remember seeing that razor next to the Colgate foam, Aqua Velva, and Brut deodorant.
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  5. HoosierTrooper

    HoosierTrooper Steve-less in Indiana

    Very nice collection. I used the Sensor back in the day, and picked up one at an antique store a couple years ago that I've thrown into the rotation. I like the Sensor a lot.
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  6. TSimons

    TSimons not allowed near railroad tracks

    First razor I used was a sensor excel, looked the same as the last one you have pictured.
    I since switch to an electric razor but am on my way back to wet shaving.
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  7. Weeper Warrior

    Weeper Warrior Well-Known Member

    I did not care to much for the sensor but never used the Gillette blades. I had the Burma Shave ASR knockoff but the sensor blades fit it.
  8. Justin Linker

    Justin Linker Wetshaving belieber

    Is the Sensor Excel handle compatible with regular Sensor carts??
  9. Leo K.

    Leo K. Well-Known Member

    Hi Justin, yes, the reg Sensor cart is compatible with the excel handle :)

    By the way seeing your Executive on the SOTD is having me look at my Gillette Fusion again!
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  10. HolyRollah

    HolyRollah BaconLord Staff Member

    Former Sensor user— I had that '89 model for years.
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  11. Lexicon Devil

    Lexicon Devil the Liberace of shaving

    The '89 model was the first non-disposable razor I used. I used it for a good five years before going down the more-blades-are-better rabbit hole.
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  12. Justin Linker

    Justin Linker Wetshaving belieber

    Nice! I might pick up some Sensor carts. I've only used Excel and Sensor 3, lots of folks say the reg Sensor carts are better than the other 2.

    Ahh, the good ol Fusion. I never had any real issues with the Fusion, I quite like it actually. I love the precision trimmer on the back, it really helps to maneuver around my facial hair. My only complaint is the price. However I found a shack at a flea market about half an hour away from here who sell Fusion 4 packs for $9. Usually when I'm up there I pick up some. I feel a little dirty using them because I feel like they've been shoplifted.
  13. BudWhite

    BudWhite Well-Known Member

    Lifetime Sensor Excel user here. Good memories.
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  14. KcHighLife

    KcHighLife Well-Known Member

    I started with the Sensor and the Excel, used them for years. I made the mistake of selling the 3 handles I had left several years ago. Great razor and I'll be picking one up again soon.
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  15. RaZorBurn123

    RaZorBurn123 waiting hardily...............

    I've never used these.
  16. JBSharp

    JBSharp Well-Known Member

    I have to say, I used a Sensor Excel Plus for close to 20 years and always got great shaves. Cartridge cost and sustainability are what drove me to DE shaving.
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  17. LifesShort

    LifesShort Well-Known Member

    I've had just about every razor Gillette made since I started shaving in 1978. Gillette used to send out coupons for free razors every time they released a new model and I would go pick up the razor and start buying there increasingly more expensive cartridges. It wasn't until I had been using the Fusion for a couple of years that I decided that I was paying too much for the cartridges. I went in search of a cheaper solution and found DE shaving.

    Little did I know that even though the blades are much cheaper, DE shaving is way more expensive. No longer is it enough to have 1 razor and 1 cream. I have to use pre-shaves, brushes, a variety of creams and soaps, post-shave balms, aftershaves, and colognes. At least I enjoy it a lot more now, though.
  18. Ryan B

    Ryan B Knight of the Soapocracy

    I've never used a Sensor. I think they would work for me though since two bladed carts are the only ones I can use successfully.
  19. 178-bplatoon

    178-bplatoon Well-Known Member

    :happy096: to you :signs046: back!!...;)

    I still think the "per shave" cost of "traditional" shaving " is cheaper than cart shaving even with the few extra's that are needed brush,bowl,pre & post shave creams/balms...
    It's the "hobby" AD's that tend to get expensive when you buy "MORE" than 1 of something you only need one of such as:
    more than 1 safety razor(I have over a 100),
    multiple brands of blades(I own like an easy 700 plus blades spread over several brands),
    multiple shave brushes(at least 6)
    multiple shave bowls(I have three)
    multiple soaps/creams(I have over 25)
    multiple aftershaves(over 18)
    Other assorted incidentals like racks/stands/ wooden cigar boxes for holding all those extra razors,brushes,creams,soaps etc...

    However when you factor in the closeness, comfort and sheer enjoyment of "traditional" shaving you still wind up "WAY" ahead of the game when compared to "modern" cart shaving I.M.O. of course....:happy088:
  20. LifesShort

    LifesShort Well-Known Member

    Amen! :happy096:

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