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Discussion in 'Cartridge Razors' started by Leo K., Sep 19, 2013.

  1. casper

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    hey i never tried to shave with a cartridge before. there are so many different cartridges out there, how do i know which ones will fit which handles?
  2. BudWhite

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    Look on the package bro
  3. jonmich

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  4. bobb99999

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    My Mom bought me a Gillette Sensor when I was in college in the late eighties and I am still using the original handle 25 + years later. Unfortunately, lately the blades keep popping off and I may need to find another handle. I actually prefer two blades over the 3 or more blades that most razors have now. On a side note I am also still using the same weight belt I bought in '87 :). I like my stuff to have a little "history".
  5. jonmich

    jonmich Member

    Here is a link to Sensor products:-
    I personally use Personna Tri- Flexx blades since getting Sensor two blades became difficult and expensive.
    I however prefer the Tri-Flexx blades, even though they are three blades, to the Sensor blades, and they are cheaper.
  6. J_Man

    J_Man right on the Mass border

    I still have mine from 1989, although it's rarely been used since I switched to DE's in 93.

    I also found a new 5 pack of Atra blades from around 1991 while cleaning out my garage the other day.
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  7. Boojum1

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    Nice find. I switched from the Trac II to the Sensor in 1990. I used the Trac II for more than 15 years. I'm still using the Sensor Excel 3 along with my DE.
  8. Maestro

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    I was three in 1990 ...:happy036:
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  9. Jayaruh

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    Me, too.
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  10. ZinZan

    ZinZan Member

    X3. Still have mine as a back up for travelling when not checking in baggage.
  11. ZinZan

    ZinZan Member

    X3. Still have mine as a back up for travelling when not checking in baggage.
  12. ROJ

    ROJ New Member

    I still have my original Sensor handle and still use it regularly. There is nothing better for wet shaving my head.
  13. Eeyore

    Eeyore Well-Known Member

    Me neither; I have used the Trac II (GII) and Atra (Contour) razors. From what I can remember, I didn't like the Contour / Atra that much, because the cartridge pivots. Besides, at some point Gillette introduced the slime strip, discontinuing the normal GII cartridges, and I really hated that.

    The Trac II, with the original cartridges (no slime strip), is a fine razor.
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  14. IAmTheJody

    IAmTheJody Gillette-i Master Staff Member

    The all-metal Atra handle is my favorite cartridge handle but I use Schick SlimTwin carts on it. No slime strips and has the push button on it to clean out between the two blades.

    I also have a plastic Gillette Italy mini Atra handle that I keep in my travel dopp bag.

    Regardless of the slime strip, as that does not bother me, I just find the Schick carts to be sharper and smoother than any of the Gillette carts.
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  15. ROJ

    ROJ New Member

    Ive been wondering how the Tri-Flexx blades shave, esp since Sensor carts are so expensive.
    I’ve tried Gillette disposable sensor 3s, and did not like them at all. They seemed grabby, dull, and irritable - nothing like my beloved Sensor 2 blade excels.
    Do the Tri-Flexx feel as smooth and sharp as Sensor Excels?
    Do the Tri-Flexx cut as close?
    Do they clean as well (not clog) like the Sensors?
    Where is the best place to order them price and quality wise (no counterfeit).
    Sorry for all the questions, just glad to find a good source for info! ❤️
  16. Bflotom2

    Bflotom2 Member

    I have several Sensor handles was my daily shaver for many years before moving to DE. I have a Sensor with a couple of carts in my Dopp kit for travel. It still gives a great shave
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