My method on bowl lathering.

Discussion in 'General Shaving Talk' started by BambulanceMan, Aug 18, 2017.

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    Here ya go guys. In this video I show how I lather my soaps. I had some buddies ask how I get such good lathers with hard water. Well here it is. In Before someone mentions my tick. I know I got one lol.

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    Article Team
    Good job @BambulanceMan
    When I bowl lather, I, too, squeeze out the lather trapped in my brush and finish the lather making. I find that it distributes the H2O that may be also trapped in the knot.
    Thanks for sharing your video.
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    Well done.
    I caught ya sniffing yer fingers there! Any here says they never have is lying! :D

    I like you added water at such a little bit at a time. Great tip for newbies - you can always add more, you can't take away. :happy088:
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    Well done. You should put the link in your signature. I am a big believer in showing newbies, the step of putting the soap in your bowl and then mixing. A really common problem seems to be understanding when enough soap is in the knot. Your vid takes that step out of the equation.
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    Thanks guys! Yea I'll put the link in my signature

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    I realize this is a couple of years after you posted the video, but I enjoyed it. I'll keep this in mind for my own use later on.

    Question about your user name "Bambulanceman." Would I be correct in assuming that's because you're an EMS guy? Been there, done that myself in the past.

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    You can never stop learning, great video. I go one step further possibly if I get a fragranced soap lather I enjoy i will wipe the sides of the brush on the side of the bowl with brush after done shaving and let it sit there to permeate the bathroom for the next day. Acts like a air freshner that is enjoyable instead of washing down the sink and wasting great lather scents. I usually put enough in the bowl for two days of lathering and will wash out on day 2 that evening to start all over the procedure again.
    Have some great scents!
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