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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by jbcohen, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. jbcohen

    jbcohen New Member

    I have a Gillette Super Speed, Merkur Future, Merkur 1904 Clasic and two Big Boss razors. I am a novice who wants to hone his skills to a fine pinacle. What do you recommend as a next razor?
  2. Will

    Will Nevermind

    The Merkur HD.

    IMHO, it is the gold standard of wet shaving.
  3. TraderJoe

    TraderJoe Pink Floid

    True, but would be somewhat similar (as far as the head) to his 1904 classic.

    With that said, I'd say try the slant.
  4. Will

    Will Nevermind

    Let me add on to this. If I could only have one razor. The Merkur HD and the Merkur Slant would be neck and neck. I would probably go with the HD. The Slant is still a good one too.
  5. Leisureguy

    Leisureguy Read My Blog

    Since the Merkur 1904 Classic has the same head as the HD, I'd suggest trying something different. I would go for the Merkur Slant Bar---a different feel, but a fine shaver.
  6. TraderJoe

    TraderJoe Pink Floid

    You read my mind :p ::
  7. Will

    Will Nevermind

    HD has more heft, less frills and more of a working design.
  8. qhsdoitall

    qhsdoitall Wilbur

    Go for the HD slant. Different experience then the 1904.
  9. rick

    rick I'll make ya SCream!

    This thread is closed.


    Next..... :happy088
  10. DragonBoy

    DragonBoy Team Player

    Slant +1.. A rather unique experience.. Great Shaver..:cool:
  11. zippersmith

    zippersmith New Member

    Yes a Slant bar. You'll love it. It really mows 'em down, more work with less passes.
    Plus it looks wicked.... but that is really just an illusion.
    It shaves like a wet shavers dream.
  12. jbcohen

    jbcohen New Member

    Not to change the subject, but I am rather curious. When you go in for your shave of the day do you rotate your razors? I tend to have one consistent favorite, I am experimenting with the blades at this point. If you do rotate the razors what do you think is the benefit to rotating the razors? Only benefit that I can see to sticking with a favorite razor is that you get one consistently great shave day in day out. But, I guess one might rotate the razors becuase variety is the spice of life. I can see that real well.
  13. Leisureguy

    Leisureguy Read My Blog

    New topic. Why not start a new thread?

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