My semogue died!

Discussion in 'The Brush' started by dgamby, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. dgamby

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    Hey everyone,

    My in-laws purchased me this lovely little Semogue brush off of amazon and gave it to me last Christmas. I had been oh so happily using it, getting it nice and broken in during this process, and then it just flopped apart on me. I dried it upside down, flicked the tips on a towel when finished shaving, always rinsed it out, never soaked it in super hot water.

    Should this brush have failed in a little over six months? Does anyone know if Semogue offers any kind of warranty. I emailed the amazon vendor but never heard back from them. Is there an easy way to resurrect this little guy? It looks like there is still a ton of epoxy on the knot and handle so I didn't know if it could go back together or not. Never done a brush restore so my knowledge is very limitted.

    I'd appreciate any help that could be offered, I've got a back up brush but this little guy was my go-to.
  2. Sara-s

    Sara-s This Pun for Hire

    I don't know anything about the company, but would suggest trying to contact them directly. (I imagine they have a website.) Or you could sand the epoxy off the knot & apply fresh epoxy to glue the knot back in.
  3. PLANofMAN

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    What Sara said. It's fixable.
  4. lradke

    lradke and doggone it, people like me

    I had one that died that I got from vintage scent. I contacted him and he got me in contact with the semogue factory directly. It took a bit of waiting, but they sent me a new brush. It may be worth a try...if all else fails.

    I also tried to fix it...but nothing would work. I contacted the site after that.
  5. dgamby

    dgamby Active Member

    I looked for Semogue's website but it is an old one that doesn't have contact info or look like it has been updated in several years. So it sounds like maybe going through vintage scent for contact information and then if that fails attempt my first re-knot.
  6. DLP

    DLP Well-Known Member

    Try contacting they sell the Semogue line. eMail address is also carries Semogue and may be able to answer your questions.
  7. oscar11

    oscar11 Well-Known Member

    Give us a side picture of the knot and handle. I think it can be fixed.
  8. dgamby

    dgamby Active Member

    Is this what you meant about from the side? 2012-08-15_18-54-34_694.jpg
  9. PadreTex

    PadreTex Well-Known Member

    What a shame. I hope it can be fixed. I sympathized with the list of a favored brush--mine is off in England hopefully to be repaired.
  10. oscar11

    oscar11 Well-Known Member

    If you can find some one to honor the warranty go that route unless it has sentimental value. If you want to repair it, clean up the inside of the metal collar good, rough it up a bit with sand paper, clean again with a solvent and reglue with J.B. Weld or a good 2 part epoxy. Let it cure for 24 hrs.
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  11. dgamby

    dgamby Active Member

    Bruno and I have been emailing and he gave me the address to send the brush back to and he said he'd contact them and give a heads up. I may go that route first to see how it goes. Now I just have to sort out shipping to Portugal and make sure that doesn't cost more than the brush did!
  12. sfbagger

    sfbagger New Member

  13. Rene

    Rene Well-Known Member

    Bruno is a very respected gentleman when it comes to dealing with his beloved business.

    And I have done a lot in the past with him!

    I understand your troubles since shipping cost can outnumber the cost of a nice Semogue.....

    But it will work out nice for you, I'm sure :happy088:

    Keep us posted, my good friend :thanks:
  14. dgamby

    dgamby Active Member

    Because the brush was one of the cheapest Semogue brushes offered, the shipping to Portugal looks like it will be far more expensive than the price of the brush. I think my best choice at this point is to either attempt a repair myself or get a new one sometime in the future. Both options look to be cheaper than shipping to Portugal.
  15. dgamby

    dgamby Active Member

    I spoke to soon! After the third inquiry the original vendor replied to me and it looks like I'll be able to get a replacement. This is great news. The only down side is I have to break in another brush, but this is a far better resolution than it looked like I'd be able to receive. Thanks again everyone for the help and encouragement!
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  16. DLP

    DLP Well-Known Member

    that is great news. Enjoy the new brush.

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