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Discussion in 'Special Projects' started by Jag, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. Jag

    Jag Member

    I have a quite small bathroom in my apartment, so I used a set of drawers which I was given as a gift. I removed the drawers, which are simply wooden boxes with knob handles, and used it as a nice little shelf. In addition, many things which I'm not currently using are placed in the green dividers which were meant as a way to organize parts and "stuff" inside the larger 50cal-sized green ammo cans you buy from the army surplus store. Of course, the same items are pictured in both, mostly, but I've moved most things to the shelf and just kept a few things in the organizer. 2012-01-09_17-47-18_279-1.jpg 2012-01-14_21-20-39_330.jpg
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  2. Sodapopjones

    Sodapopjones Well-Known Member

    That's pretty cool actually!
  3. Latherman87

    Latherman87 Well-Known Member

    Looks vintage!! nothing better IMO....I have a few vintage things in my bathroom...although its mostly a pirate bathroom lol
  4. Jag

    Jag Member

    Thanks! I hang onto things when I see a future purpose for them, and it's taken a few years for this one to see use, about four to be correct. Now it has a place across from my mirror, next to the towel bar.
  5. Ron Trosclair

    Ron Trosclair Member

    Looks like it works perfectly. Great job!
  6. Billr

    Billr Mix Master Mighty White!

    VERY nice shelf!
  7. GDCarrington

    GDCarrington Burma Shave

    Simple and elegant. Excellent work!
  8. alpla444

    alpla444 That's sweet!

    Perfect size for razor's, great idea, I'm looking for a shef or similar, I may even make something really not sure yet, my den is getting bigger but my appartment aint:signs002:
  9. swarden43

    swarden43 "It's your shave. Enjoy it your way."©

  10. Shayne Redfearn

    Shayne Redfearn Active Member

    cool stuff...:)
  11. macaronus

    macaronus Sir Nice-a-Lot

    Nice! :wave:
  12. fishcrow

    fishcrow Birdman of TSD

    Very nice set-up.
  13. ElliotR

    ElliotR Member

    Brilliant, simple solution - great look.
  14. 178-bplatoon

    178-bplatoon Well-Known Member

    I like the look of the shelves alot, kind of old school apothacary...:)
  15. Jag

    Jag Member

    Many thanks for the upturned thumbs here. I hope I can re-mount it in my current domicile, but sadly I have even less wall space than I did before. I suppose a change of life does that to some...

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