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Discussion in 'Shave Soaps' started by richdad, Jun 3, 2019.

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    I love non cartridge shaving. And there's much to be said about taking a brush and mixing up a wonderful lather and applying it. What I find tedious is searching for a soap that may be slick and rich only to find that it burns or irritates my skin before or after shaving. Or it is just an inferior product for me.
    My daughter gave me Creamo for father's day. It was slick but not for me. I had read somewhere that neutrogena glycerin soap made a good shave soap and cost about two bucks.
    I melted the bar in the microwave in an old plastic razorock shave jar - yup razorock tends to make any overworked skin hurt and shaved with it after it hardened. Excellent lather, shave equivalent to the Arko I was using without the
    Then I remelted the bar (about 20 or 30 seconds ) and squeezed two or three inches of Creamo into it plus a tablespoon of the fragrance that my wife loves me to wear and mixed up and placed it in the freezer so that the Creamo wouldn't separate out.
    What I get out of this homemade concoction is a slick nonirritating thick lathering cheap great smelling (for my wife) non drying shaving soap - for me. Now I have a very tough skin and no allergies. I can shave very close and go over and over my skin and it will not turn red although it may be irritated. With this soap, Arko, the Blades Grim I don't feel the irritation. But with many other soaps I do or my skin reacts violently and immediately upon application.
    So yeah, I'm done. I'm happy with my homemade. And I'm passing it along to you. Flame it. Try it and flame or like it. Leave comments. I love you all. You're a fun crew!
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    What size was the Neutrogena bar? And what was the size of the container, into which you melted it?
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    Sort of small but easy to cut down. I've also done the same in a brothers Grimm metal container. Melted a third of a bar in a plastic bowl in 10 seconds and poured it into the container. Walmart carries the Neutrogena bar for 2 bucks.
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