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    I've been using the Nancy Boy Signature Shave Cream for a few weeks now.
    This is truly a World Class product at a very competitive price.

    So I've bought a few products since and have a Wishlist of products to try next order.

    BTW - NancyBoy has adopted a very wise (& fair & smart) policy of making MOST (not all) of their products avail in very reasonably priced sample sizes.

    The Website basically organizes the product lines as follows:

    They offer 2 shave creams: The Signature Scent & Rejuvenating. Both
    are available in 6 oz tubs/$16 or 2 oz/$6 Travel/Sample size. My review of the SC is in the REVIEW section so won't go into it here. But, if you are a WetShaver you really should at least try out the 2oz sizes; you owe it to yourself & too your Mug (ugly as it may be).

    They also offer 2 A/S products & a Pre-Shave Oil. Both A/S's (hehehe, slipped that in!!!) are on my wishlist.

    This is a very interesting category with some superb products therein.

    For example the "Ultramarine Night Cream".
    Now to me as a regular kind of guy this seems outrageous at 2oz/$45 !!! but the informative & entertaining & amusing Product Description (NB's product descriptions are Superb & make great reading. Even if you don't buy anything you'll enjoy reading the site) does a flat-out thowdown challenge putting this NB cream up against Estee Lauder’s Re-Nutriv Re-Creation Night Cream which at $450 a jar is 10x expensive.

    Now that is something to think about.

    LOL, I thought about it and bought a jar for SWMBO. She freakin' LOVES it & said it's way-cheap compared to whatever DrugStore /Cosmetic counter stuff she has been using and better too. I defer to her expertise in regard to this product, but she definitely is up for a re-order when the jar runs out (about 3 months).

    Other products in this category include: several moisturizers, SPF Balms, Hand Lotions, Beauty Masks, Salt Scrub & Body Oil.

    Other categories include HairCare, Body/Face/Hand Soaps,
    BathTime, HomeScent&Laundry.

    Other products I've tried are Shampoo/Conditioner. Both superb. Signature Shower Gel which is beyond superb, it's Sublime. This will get, ahem, certain
    parts of your glorious naked body (shall be say) "tingling" beautifully !!!

    Laundry Soap....I know you're thinking, "What The Heck" ?!?!? Trust me,
    it's expensive but way-way-way-way better than anything you're going to
    find in your local Laundry Aisle. One of the Co-Founders of the company just
    happens to know a whole lot about Laundry & he's done a heckuva job with
    this product. It comes in several scents. The Lavender-Geranium is awfully
    pleasant to the nose as well as awfully good to your clothes.

    Product Ingredients: NB claims that it typically spends 7x more on
    ingredient costs that typical "big name" products. They don't advertise anywhere & they use very basic, utilitarian packaging. If you look around the
    site, you'll find a FAQ which has a rather SCATHING critique of the way the "majors" operate: huge advertising & packaging costs with the cheapest
    ingredients they can get by with using.

    Customer Perks/Customer Service:
    Before you order anything join "Club Nancy Boy". Basically give them one of your e/m addies so they can send you "specials" or whatever. So far I've gotten nothing but sure am looking forward to some kind of big XMAS sale.

    Now that you're a member of Club Nancy Boy (GULP) , you get 15% Discount off everything you ever order from them !!! Now that's s-w-e-e-t !!!

    Shipping: Everything goes out FEDEX at a flat $7 but if your order total is over $50 (before the 15% is taken off the tab) you get FREE FEDEX !!!

    Gift/Rewards: Not sure what (if any) the $$$ cutoff on this is, but
    basically NB throws in a free gift with each order. You get to choose between a couple of "Travel" sized products. So that's another $5-$6 value
    on your already Discounted, Free Fedex order of top notch stuff for your
    face, your glorious naked body & your home.

    Customer Service:
    Top Shelf.

    Unconditional, no questions asked, money back guarantee on any product that's not to your liking.

    Online orders are filled light speed fast (well, an hour or so) & shipped that day or the next day.

    Bill of Sale & Tracking Info is emailed to you.

    Very Responsive: I've emailed them asking a couple of stupid type product questions & have gotten quick responsea from Eric (a co-founder) explaining what ever I was asking about in simple e/z for a man to understand language delivered with an awfully funny sense of humor to boot.

    Very easy to navigate & order (securely). Product descriptions are great, unusually entertaining, amusing & well-written. Full Ingredient lists are provided for all products.

    Bottom Line:
    Top-notch operation offering top-notch products for both Sex's.
    You gotta at least treat yourself to a little tub of the Signature Shave Cream. It's that good & if you've been "good" lately you merit some self-pampering once in a while & Nancy Boy products are totally pampering.

    Their website is

    A discussion thread for this review & Nancy Boy products "in general" is
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    Great quality products from a great company, except...

    they don't ship overseas (Living in Japan does have it's downsides) which is why I gave them a lower score on Packaging & Shipping. I've been able to use a middleman company but that extends the shipping out to almost 2 weeks :eek:.
  3. DSB

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    They make one of the best shaving creams I've ever tried, and I've tried dozens of brands. Part of me wishes they offered more scents. However, if they made more scents, I would buy all of them just to find the one I liked best. So, in the long run, they're saving me a ton of money. It's nice that they look out for me like that.

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