NB 2020?

Discussion in 'General Shaving Talk' started by BigMark83, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. Jim99

    Jim99 Gold Water Shaver

    I’m still in!
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  2. Troy M

    Troy M Prep: Mephitis mephitis musk

    I’m in since 2018. 2019 saw no purchases and 2020 is going fine. I might actually need blades however for the first time since 2015.

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  3. dbersh

    dbersh Well-Known Member

    I’m always in excluding expendables like blades, and only a one for one replacement, say I use up blades, only replace same blade.
    Only a Gillette bottom dial or toggle will make me not buy anything new in foreseeable future.
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  4. brit

    brit in a box

    :)..i try..
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  5. Jim99

    Jim99 Gold Water Shaver

    I’m still hanging in there and even sold off 11 razors from my den since January 1st.

    I was a bit tempted to pick up a couple of soaps, but I realized that I still have about 8 more soaps sitting in my inventory.

    So far, so good!
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  6. PanChango

    PanChango Not Cute

    I am down a few razors, DE blades, soaps, and brushes on the year, but picked up some SE blades when I ran out. If I could have gotten them locally for the same price as Connaught, I would just pick up a pack when needed, but 78 cents per blade compared to 17 cents from Connaught made it a wise decision to buy in bulk.

    In the strictest sense, I am out. For my personal plan, I am still in and not planning any purchases.
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