Neck beard growing in different directions. Please help!

Discussion in 'Shave School' started by Simone1, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. Simone1

    Simone1 Member


    I am a man aged 24, who never learned to tackle his neck beard.
    I absolutely hate my neck beard, I think it looks very unpresentable to have a neck beard, but everytime I try to shave it, it will become full of razor burn in the bottom left and bottom right corners. Everything else is super easy to shave, but I cannot manage to shave when my beard directions are everywhere...

    I own a DE razer (Derby blades, Proraso shaving cream, Brush, Proraso pre shave)
    I also own a Braun 9 series electric shaver.

    I have tried both methods but I always get the same result...

    Does anyone have any advice for this? I would really appreciate it, because it is something that hurts my confidence.

    As you can tell by the pictures ive attached, I have razor bumps from bad shaves.

    Kind regards,

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  2. Zykris

    Zykris Well-Known Member

    I wish I could be helpful but the hair on my neck grows from left to right, so it's not quite the same problem. What's your prep look like?
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  3. Kraken98

    Kraken98 Well-Known Member

    Hey there! What you need to do is map out your grain. figure out exactly which way it grows then shave with the direction that it grows rather than against or across. It seems as though it grows sideways towards your Adams apple on both sides therefore you would figure out how far it grows that way then shave it with the grain up to that point.

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  4. Simone1

    Simone1 Member

    I appreciate your reply.
    I get my neck wet with warm water, dab it slightly off with a towel, so its just moist. Then I apply preshave cream by proraso, let it sit for a few minutes..
    Then I use shaving soap with a brush and make a good lather in the bowl, then apply it to my neck
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  5. jmudrick

    jmudrick Well-Known Member

    I would use a much sharper blade (dull blade equals more passes) and shave daily one pass, no buffing. There are no firm rules about which direction you have to shave in a pass , you'll find the optimum combination of strokes over time.i combine three different directions in a pass on my neck, no buffing. Experiment with pre/post shave balms or oils.

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  6. Arnout

    Arnout Well-Known Member

    You are not alone.
    The straigth razor solved things for me. A mild edge with a steep angle.
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  7. RyX

    RyX DoH! Staff Member

    1. Light pressure as though you are just wiping away the lather.
    2. Ride the cap to maintain the best angle of attack.
    3. Stretch the skin for a flat surface.
    4. Join The 30 Day Rule Focus Group for Technique cheerleading.
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  8. Norcalnewb

    Norcalnewb Magnanimous Moos

    I will add a +1 here.
  9. Simone1

    Simone1 Member

    Thank you for your reply sir.

    What the hell do you mean with riding the cap? I am not a native English speaker, help me out here :D

    Thank you! :)
  10. RyX

    RyX DoH! Staff Member

    The cap is the top of a razor if discussing DE types. By placing the cap on your face with the handle pointed straight out the blade and guard bars will not touch. As you begin moving the razor tilt the handle until you hear the blade cutting beard. The guard bar may not yet touch your face. This sets the angle of the blade much like a straight razor and avoids scraping the skin.

    There is a full explanation and discussion HERE. In the instruction paper supplied with Gillette razors an illustration is provided.
    1937 Sheraton Detail Ride the Cap and Slide.gif

    What is your native language, Danish? Please feel free to communicate in it, and I will use a translation program to accommodate you.
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  11. Keithmax

    Keithmax Breeds Pet Rocks

    Some good advice above, here is m extra 2 cents.

    I have a tough beard and the ATG pass is from ear to Adam’s apple. I do four passes, WTG, XTG, XTG opposite direction then ATG. if I tried to against the grain to soon it would result in irritation. Think you want to some reduction each pass, not complete removal so you don’t need any pressure and can just wipe the lather off.

    As I was solving my ingrown hair and red bumps problem I used PFB Fanish, which helped allot. As my skills with a DE improved I was able to drop the PFB Vanish.
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  12. MR41

    MR41 Well-Known Member

    I agree. My beard on my neck grows all directions and is coarse. Learning the growth patterns helps, but a very sharp blade is half the battle( for me).
  13. gorgo2

    gorgo2 geezerhood

    Man that looks itchy.

    Welcome to TSD.
  14. Enrico

    Enrico Popcorn

    :signs011: Where I can get a fine shave from Derby (one shave); I prefer a sharper blade. My three favorites are Gillette Silver Blues, Polsilvers and Nacet, but that said blades are like flavors of ice cream; what one person enjoys may be loathed by another.
  15. PickledNorthern

    PickledNorthern Fabulous, the unicorn

    Map that neck? Looks like this:


    I only say that cause mine is the same.
  16. jmudrick

    jmudrick Well-Known Member

    Of course. But I think some blades have been established as sharper than others by both user consensus and objective tests (refinedshave dot com), and there is little controversy about on which end of the spectrum Derby (not the new one), Merkur, and Rockwell lie. Whether you like them is another story. They don't get near my neck.

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  17. PickledNorthern

    PickledNorthern Fabulous, the unicorn

    I think you have a harder row to hoe than a lot of guys. Takes a very light touch from a lot of different angles to shave your whole face comfortably, when your beard grows kittywampus.

    I would start with very light passes from each direction, and see which is most comfortable on each part of your neck. Start with that. You might have to hit it from eight directions, but if it isn’t painful, all of a sudden shaving is fun.

    Learn your beard, and the smooth will come.

    Drop in and visit the 30 Day Crew.
  18. Hoss304

    Hoss304 Well-Known Member

    I have this issue too. Best advice I can give is don't chase a BBS shave on your neck. Try a adjustable razor , I get good shaves with my Qshave . I shave on setting 4 then 2 on my neck . Any other razor I just have to tread lightly and live with less than BBS.
  19. Hoss304

    Hoss304 Well-Known Member

    I'll add ... I've tried several blades , razors from carts to de . I typically get the same result with any razor if I try to hard to get that perfect shave. Before you go buying up blades to try (like I did) try to find a neck shave you can live with via what you already have. If I was gonna suggest a blade it would be Personna Lab Blues but chances are you can accomplish this with learning the neck shave you can settle for. If you have a job that you have to be BBS then all I can say is good luck! I work in a old steel mill . No requirement on shaves .
  20. Arnout

    Arnout Well-Known Member

    I guess, if a one pass wtg works without irritation, that would indeed be a good start. The bbs, give it some time.

    A good one pass shave can be a good shave!

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