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Discussion in 'Shave School' started by Bruins17, Mar 3, 2019.

  1. Bruins17

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    Hello, I've been having trouble with shaving my neck, especially the sides of my neck towards the top and the bottom line to the left and right of the adam's apple. My neck hairs grow sideways, and I miss quite a few after WTG and XTG. I avoid ATG, but then on the sides of neck, if I don't shave them, they become ingrown hairs. Frustrating. I end up using my old Mach 3 to try to get some of them. I'm using an Edwin Jagger with Derbys. I've tried a bunch of blades and the Derbys cause the least amount of irritation. Also tried a Merkur Slant but the EJ seems the most comfortable. I have good prep and go slow and yet can't seem to get a blemish free shave. BTW, I'm not going for BBS. Any suggestions?
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    First, welcome to TSD!

    You might join the 30 Day Rule thread here. Lots of friendly guys who are great at helping out with technique. Also, watch your angles and try riding the cap as described here.
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    Welcome to The Shave Den! I second Jim's post above regarding the 30 Day Rule / Focus thread.
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    Hello, and welcome!
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    High their, @Bruins17 . So glad you have joined us.
  6. gorgo2

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    A suggestion that may help:

    1. Thick layer of soap, cream, whichever you use.

    2. Pull and hold the skin of the problem area as tightly as possible.

    3. Do the Blade Buff -- very light, very short, very quick strokes with the razor that "buffs" the problem whiskers away, instead of the usual longer, slower strokes. I heard someone say to picture the Blade Buff kinda like a dog scratching at his neck, and it is kinda similar.

    I've been doing this so long my neck ceased being a problem area (which it is for most guys, not just us). I can get my neck as smooth as any other area, where once upon a time there'd be nothing but weepers along both sides.

    Welcome aboard.
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  7. dmshaver

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    You might also try j-hooking around your problem areas. But be certain you've got good technique before trying blade buffing or the j-hook as these are not for the new-to-wet shaving newbs.
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  8. RyX

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    Welcome to TSD @Bruins17! Glad you signed up. I hope the combined experience of our crew can offer you some relief.
    Several already offered. That's a tough spot for many shavers with the beard growing in odd directions. North to South pass on you cheeks might be WTG, but not on your neck. I saw folks suggest riding the cap which reduces scraping the blade across your skin. Also making sure you are well lathered & skin stretching to provide a s flat a surface as possible.

    You mentioned using the old Mach3 to do those clean up passes. Fully approved maneuver to use a familiar razor when learning a new type. Might be you are still using the pressure needed to make the cartridge razor work when you shave with the DE? A double edge razor generally has more blade exposure so you don't need to mash it get beard reduction. Try all of the above, and a lighter touch - less pressure. Just enough to wipe away the lather.

    Let us know if any of these ideas help?
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  9. Fiorellini

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    :signs046:from Belgium
  10. gorgo2

    gorgo2 geezerhood

    J hooking I agree, it can be tricky. Buffing, he can practice with something mild and relatively safe like his Mach 3 and should be okay. Then trade up later.

    I've learned to buff with anything but the E-2 feels made to do it. It gets it done quicker than anything else.
  11. john zeiger

    john zeiger Well-Known Member

  12. Bruins17

    Bruins17 New Member

    Thanks for all the great input! I think I need to just keep working at technique.
    Should I try a blade angle closer to the cap being flat? It's hard for me to do that on my neck.
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  13. PLAla

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    Here are a few tips from @mantic.

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  14. Linuxguile

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    Hello and welcome!
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    Welcome, from Texas.
  16. AGHisBBS

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    Welcome to The Shave Den, a great place to hang out!
  17. Bruins17

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    So I've been using Derbys pretty consistently because out of all the blades I've tried, they've caused the least irritation. I just shaved with a Shark for the first time and noticed an improvement. Felt like a better shave. However, the right upper corner of my neck continues to be a problem. I try raising the blade angle and holding the razor on the end so there is no pressure, but I just move the lather around and don't make good contact with the hairs. I appreciate all the encouragement and will keep trying!
  18. Bruins17

    Bruins17 New Member

    I might add that my hair grows actually kind of diagonally on my neck so ATG is actually northeast to southwest. This makes things more difficult because its slightly concave in the middle. I'm sure I'm not the only one!
  19. CrustyCat

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    Hello and welcome from Nevada.
  20. Bruins17

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    Also, I've experimented with a few razors and a lot of different blades, but not brushes. I've been using the same $10 brush off amazon. Is there a brush that anyone would recommend that might reduce irritation on the neck, or should I just focus on technique?

    Thanks for all your input and warm welcomes!
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