Need Help 2 unknown vintage OC

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Thorsten69, Nov 11, 2021.

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    Need Help 2 unknown vintage OC

    What kind of brand is that?

    I have two almost identical vintage safety razors here.

    I got the left one a few years ago and it was in a box from the Wuttig Apperatebau company. It is chrome-plated and weighs 78 grams an No aritations.

    I got the right safety razor today, it is almost identical. It's silver-plated! and has two aritations at the end of the handle. A ball and a hollow.

    It weighs 78.4 grams and you cannot remove the sleeve from either razor. As with the old Rotbart 15 safety razors, they are fastened with a sleeve.

    Both have 12 teeth and a bulldog handle and are of very high quality. Who can tell me more about this safety razor? Manufacturer??







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    Well I'm intrigued. No idea.

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    Are they adjustable? I've never seen any razor like them. The baseplate ridge makes them look like a raised flat bottom, but the teeth and top cap are classic German in appearance. English and American razors tend to have flat teeth cutouts, whereas Germans tended to leave the bevel caused by the saw blade. It looks enough like a Gillette I'd call it them Rotbart razors, though none I've ever seen.
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  7. Thorsten69

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    The right one is adjustable.
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  8. BBS

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    Unsure who made them but willing to bet they were made late 30s or early 40s prior to the US entering WWII by the design aspects that borrow or vice versa from Gillette razors of the same time frame.
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    As the box says, it’s from Wuttig Apparatenbau (Hugo Wuttig). The razors were most likely always unmarked. A few models are known in aluminum and brass, some two piece, other three piece designs.

    Both are “adjustable” (blade tension changes with losening the cap), one is missing the spring and ball.

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