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    ok, I cant seem to find any solid answers, this has been a battle for over 20 years on my face. The problem is, sometimes i get a great shave and look really really really good. Then if i wait a few days and shave i get such a close shave but my skin gets oily and i look about 10 years younger. Sure the skin is smooth and feels great but i look like complete crap and end up feeling bad about myself. So it seems im better off shaving every day. I end up looking better. I have figured out i have to shave at EXACTLY the same time everyday too in order to look my best. Seems like the TIME a person shaves is the key. I cant wait too long or shave too early. How can i toughen up my skin on my face? so i can shave everyday and not get cut? Skipping a day is not an option for me. Is it my diet too? What do you all think about charcoal facial soaps? I use a mach 3 Gillette with a new blade everyday, if i try to use it more than once its just too dull. Yet this seems to be a good razor for my face with minimal cuts, none of the 4 or 5 blade razors are an option. When i use them the hair on my face tends to grow back tiny and darker?? why is that? anyway i need to figure out how to toughen my facial skin. PLEASE HELP
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    First of all Welcome to the Den.
    Have you considered a double edge razor rather than a cartridge? Personally I would recommend you try a mild DE razor and see if that helps.
    My 2ยข.
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    If I had to guess, and this is a guess, I would say that you are using some sort of canned shave cream. The propellent in the shave cream is drying your face out too much, post shave, and your skin responds by producing extra oils to help protect the skin.

    Switching to a less aggressive razor like the Gillette Guard and using a non aerosol shave cream might give you better results.
  4. RyX

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    Welcome @1oseb36! Consider your beard a science experiment. Reducing variables, keeping all factors as close to the same, doing the same thing each time - but changing just one factor will help to eliminate the negatives.
    I invite you to check out The 30 Day Rule / Focus Group. It's a bunch of New Shavers improving their technique, and Vintage Shavers trying new things. Might be with daily coaching, lots of cheerleading, and some shenanigans you can figure out what works best for you.
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    I would have to agree. Regular shaving cream never agreed with my skin at all. I would try using a shaving soap or Cremo shave cream. Both can be picked up fairly inexpensive. Good luck and make sure to ask any more questions you have.
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  6. wchnu

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    Sounds like you have technique issues. You should not be getting cuts. If those blades are too dull after one use....well something is out of wack. The hair on your face growing back different with different razors.... Ummmm. The secret is not to toughen your face...I am not sure how you would do that anyway... But to solve your technique problems. How many passes do you do? Do you know the direction of your growth?

    I am not going to jump on the change razors bandwagon. But getting away from cart garbage might help too.
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    Great advice all the way down......I would suggest trying a mild DE razor as the blade only goes max of 3 times across your face against the Mach 3 that probably scrapes at least 6 or 9 less superior blades across your skin. A decent moisturising shaving cream whipped up and applied with a brush instead of canned stuff (if that is what you are using) is much better for your skin as they are full of natural ingredients that will help the razor glide compared to the chemicals in canned stuff. Be sure to wash off with cold water after your shave to close the pores and PAT dry and not rub! Good luck
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  8. wchnu

    wchnu Duck Season!

    Pores do not open and close. Great advise other wise.
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    Really....I've always been taught that skin pores open when hot (we sweat) and close when cold....that's why the Scandinavians roll around in the snow after a sauna or steam! Unless they have a better reason....wink, wink! :sad029:
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    And mild razors scrape up newbies, but whatever.
  11. Bama Samurai

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    We know of no evidence for this. We have researched and have been unable to find a mechanism in the skin that opens and closes pore aperture openings. It's a myth.
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  12. Arnout

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    Bama samurai,

    Get in a tub off ice water and yoi will find that there is plenty of muscle at work. Before you get real bad goosebumps and start shivering you will notice the skin gets tonified,tightened,..and the hairs stand up, ready to be shavedreal short.

    Pour a bottle pure alcohol or a stinging desinfactant on a sensitive skinarea and wait, notice it is not so bad, and the skin doesnt need dehydration.

    Next day, get a long, hot bath.
    Notice the skin is flubby, stretched, and the hairs lay down. After the bath give the pure alcohol, strong stinging desinfactant,.. a try on the same area
    You might feel it stings, and afterwards you skin will feel dry,....

    Goosebumps and shivers are musclereactions. They close the pores and decrease intercellular distances.

    In addition, Oil disolves easier in hot water cold, certainly when using soap. So the hot shave removes way more oil, leaving the skin vulnarable,...

    Give me a cold shave.

    On topic, if you dehydrate skin, the skin will try to restore the balance, but it often overshoots. A softer soap, cold water, less passes,.. might lessen the reaction.
    If you shavz daily, you will get daily result!
  13. wchnu

    wchnu Duck Season!

    Pores have no muscles to open and close them. The skin is softer when warm of course. But the pores do not open and close. They can't. A quick search of the wonderful internet yields many articals from skin Doctors on the subject.

    Goosebumps have nothing to do with pores either.

    Let's get facts straight before we give advise to new guys having problems.
  14. Arnout

    Arnout Well-Known Member

    Please let us get the facts straigth.
    If you read something on the netyou have to read it in the correct setting.

    Do pores have a designated Sphincter to close them? No

    Is a sphincter the only way to close a pore? No

    What causes goosebumps? A musscle connected with the hairfollicle.
    The hair grows through the hair/ tallowpore. So saying there is no muscle connected to a pore needs at least some consideration.

    Now, if the subcutaneous muscle tighten they squeeze the pores.
  15. oldbean56

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    So, modern science tells us that pores do not open or granddad taught my dad, he taught me and the cold water splash at the end has worked beautifully for me in my 47 years of DE shaving.
    I think over the years that I have tried every new idea and fad that has been "put out there" along with God knows how many razors, creams and brushes. Many of the hardware/ software items have been good and stayed, many others reduced to the rubbish bin in quick time.
    One thing that I have always returned to is the technique and regime that my old Dad taught me......why change something that isn't broken.
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    High their, 1oseb36 , glad you have joined us. PM sent.
  17. PLANofMAN

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    I've been using science to argue against pore opening and closing for years. The only thing that closes pores is a specific laser treatment.

    The information is out there for anyone to see and review.

    People will believe what they want to believe, like the people who believe that men never landed on the moon, or people who believe the earth is flat.
  18. jimjo1031

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    :signs011: Pores do not have muscles around their opening to allow them to open and close.
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  19. wchnu

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    Yup like we said. Pores do not open and close.....period.
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  20. wchnu

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    I will hang an AMEN on that!!
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