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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by BIG SAM, Aug 25, 2017.

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    The barbe bleue double x razor will give you such a shave, and is exactly what you asked for:
    However, as far as I know, he manufacturer has discontinued it.
    You can get a similar shave by purchasing a Gillette tech and breaking the guard bars off.

    What I would actually recommend for you would be a vintage Weck sextoblade razor with modern Personna shaper blades, or a feather artist club razor for the shaving with a straight razor experience without maintenance issues.
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    There are even some cheap options: By the dirt cheap RiMei razor and simply cut away the safety bar. I did it to one of mine.

    Otherwise, if you are interested in aggressive razors, get a Mühle R41. They will shave you very close, but still got some kind of guard. I have not been able to replicate the same kind of closeness with any other razor, and I have tried many. They sell even just the head, if you got a spare handle. In my opinion, the R41 handle is too light.
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    I'm munching on a little humble pie today! Last evening I had what was definitely my worst shave ever. Left several areas stubbly, with only a handful of quality smoothness. Had three Nick's, and one wasn't even in a traditionally difficult was in the middle of my cheek! When I splashed on my beloved Veg after shave...ooooouuucccchhh! That immediately yold me what an epic fail the shave had been.
    That heavy burn opened my eyes in more ways than one. I knew exactly what had happened. My equipment is great...I happened to use a de with a new blde. My lather was the same consistency and product I always use. So I knew the only variable was me. Technique...we all stress it, preach it, but I forgot and ignored it's significance. As @david of central florida just said, it's totally the biggest component of our shaving experiences. Think about it this way, there are soooo many members here at TSD, and that represents thousands of variables in equipment, supplies and accoutrements. But the sheer number of those variables still results in tons of reports of great shaves!
    I rushed last night...didn't focus on angles or pressure, tried to do too much without enough name it, I ignored it.
    So tonight, I loaded up my mmoc with a new Ted Pella, brush lathered my Barbasol and just went back to the basics and focus. Awesome results!!! Even my Veg forgave me!
    It's always great to read feedback reminding us to focus on technique. Only wish I would have listened to my own advice last evening![/QUOTE]
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    You can't get any closer than BBS, which you can achieve with any razor, DE, SE or cutthroat. So I don't get this idea that a straight will give you a closer shave? Or any other razor type will, either. Some may require less work, but all decent razors will get you there eventually.

    I've shaved with straights and they were fun, so there is that.
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    @DesertTime, I actually think you can get closer than BBS. A razor slightly tugging (as R41) will pull up the hair from the follicle. On the next passes it is moved down to BBS. Then later the hair is sinking back into the follicle, leaving a cut under skin level. At least I assume this is the mechanism, because it is a difference between the BBS of R41 and other razors. It might also be the angle doing something special.

    When I shave to BBS with a normal razor in the morning, my face will be slightly scratchy when I get home from work and definitely scratchy in the evening. When I shave with R41, I am smooth the rest of the day. In both cases I could not feel anything, not even ATG, in the morning.
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    I think you are making an entirely different point.
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    Slickest? Not sure what you mean. Soap is what makes the shave slick.
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    I'm not sure what you mean. But if you're suggesting a closer shave by cutting below skin level, I thought that's what leads to ingrown hairs and irritation typically associated with cartridge razors.

    But if you're getting better than BBS shaves, awesome. Whatever you're doing, keep it up.
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    View attachment 145037 [/QUOTE]

    I have those occasional shaves, too, when I'm not focused and I end up with an irritated face. Or I try to get to that ATG pass without sufficient beard reduction because I'm in a hurry (god knows why, I'm retired!).
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