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Discussion in 'Welcome Center' started by Brickman301, Apr 2, 2018.

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    * Edit* 03/02/2021
    Hello everyone, i haven’t been on here for quite some time. Looks like my last post was in August of 2018. Wow, how time flies. No reason for not posting, life sometimes just gets in the way.
    Anyways, I have never stopped wet shaving, even though I haven’t been posting. Most of my shaving is still done with straight razors, although I throw a SE in there every once and a while. I haven’t acquired any razors, blades, soaps, aftershaves, strops or stones, In a few years. I’ve been using all the things I bought when I was more active here. You all are a bunch of enablers.
    Hopefully, everyone is going good. My plan is to post here more often like I used too, see some old friends, and meet some new.

    Hi, I finally became a member, after a lot of looking around. I’ve been a wet shaver for quite a few years. I started with DE razors, but quickly moved to SE razors. I used only SE razor, for years. I have to admit I then when though a few bearded years, only shaving my neck. When I decided to get rid of the beard about 2 years ago, I moved to straight razors, and never looked back. I really enjoy using and maintaining straights.
    I sure do still have a lot of questions, and may be able to help others out as well.
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    Hello and welcome
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    :signs046: @Brickman301 from western NY, glad you decided to join us at TSD.
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    Welcome to the Den.
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    Welcome to TSD!
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    High their @Brickman301 . Glad you have joined us. Looking forward to hearing more from you.
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    Article Team
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    Welcome to TSD!
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    Welcome, from Texas.
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    Hi! Welcome along, from the UK.
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    Hi from Seoul and nice to meet you. Always happy when another member of the dark side join us. We refer to our straight razor users as members of the dark side.
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    Welcome to The Shave Den! It’s good to see another straight razor user joining our ranks.
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    :signs046: to TSD @Brickman301

    I hope you enjoy it here. We've got many straight users here I'm sure they can give you any help you need. :happy088:
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    Welcome to TSD.
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    Welcome to TSD Brickman301. I hope you enjoy the community as much as I do. Everyone is so warm, helpful and friendly here.
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    Ok, I’ll try to answer that. As far as the soap, and brush, goes that’s easy. I’m cheap, lol, so I pretty much only use Arko soap, and a no name badger brush. Aftershaves, I switch up almost daily, although I like bay rums. Now, as of a favorite razor, that’s a hard one.As of lately, I’ve been using and really injoying a vintage Maher and Grosh 5/8” hollow ground straight. This razor is all original and looks brand new, and shaves better than it looks! I usually don’t like blades smaller than 6/8, but I’ve fallen in love with this one.
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    Hello and welcome!

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