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Discussion in 'The Brush' started by Dan72w, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. Dan72w

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    Hello all!

    As I have just switched to DE shaving and haven't even shaved 10 times yet, I'm already sold. Even with the few nicks and ticks here and there. I know that once I get my technique down, I will be getting the baby butt shaves. Going into it, I started cheap. Cheap razor, cheap brush and I picked up a Proraso soap but will probably go to the tube because I just cannot get the lathering down right. Unless of course, it's my brush. At the bottom of this post, I put links to all my current tools. But on to business. Now that I have decided I am a converted Electric Shaver to Safety Razor Shaving, I would like to get quality tools of the trade. Because a lot from what I read is about the pre-shave and lathering abilities leading to a quality shave, that only leads me to believe that the Brush + Soap are the two MAIN components to a hazard free shave. So that is my first upgrade; the brush. I have maybe $120 budget on a brush. Can you help me?

    Going into this, I know everyone is different and know that any recommendations may or not be for me. Here is how I want to do things, and hopefully this helps with suggestions.

    1. Hot Shower or Hot Towel
    2. Lather (Using Bowl and Brush)
    3. Shave (2 passes preferred but definitely willing to do 3 or 4 if I get the desired results)
    4. Cold Rinse
    5. Apply After Shave

    I have sensitive skin, at least under the chin and neck area, so I would prefer a soft, yet effective brush to get the job done. I would like a badger brush, just because I read that after a few uses, the bristles get softer than a boar brush.

    If you think you might have a good brush(es) in mind, please send me the link and/or price. Thanks!

    Here is what I currently am using.
    1. Razor -
    2. Brush -
    3. Soap -

    I also just wanted to note that the brush that I have had great reviews on Amazon, but it sheds worse than a German Shepherd.
  2. gregindallas

    gregindallas Rolls Razor Revivalist

    Razor's good.
    For a good brush, try entering Kent BK4 at Amazon.
    Saop Proraso Green probably works best with a badger brush. It's listed as a "cream" but it's a very hard one. I've found that Arko makes some very good and cheap creams (also available thru Amazon)
  3. Dan72w

    Dan72w Member

    There are two I see on Amazon for the BK4. Both are too small. And a bit pricy at that for the small, so the medium/large are only going to be bigger. I would like a medium at least. Large preferably. Thank you for the input though :)
  4. gregindallas

    gregindallas Rolls Razor Revivalist

    Then you should look at Vulfix 41 on Amazon. Not much bigger anywhere and an outstanding brush for the price (or any price).
  5. Queen of Blades

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    I would suggest an Omega brush. I've only used the 10048, but I wouldn't hesitate to try any of them.

    Actually the BK4's knot size is in the range most preferred by wetshavers.

    Large? We have a few BK12 owners around. It's a lot of brush. Not most folks cup of tea.

    If you want a large handle, either the Omegas or a custom would be my suggestion.
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  6. Dan72w

    Dan72w Member

    The BK4 is a travel size correct? Does anyone have a picture of it next to something for comparison in size? Is BK8 in-between the BK4 and BK12 in size? Thanks!
  7. Dan72w

    Dan72w Member

  8. Dslazar9

    Dslazar9 Took the Menthol-cratic Oath

    Welcome to the Den! I think your equipment is just fine, certainly a great start. I think you can learn how to use it properly and may need nothing more.
    Check out the videos on this link for some education:

    Good Luck and ask all the questions you can think of.
  9. vegasvics

    vegasvics Well-Known Member

    Welcome! You have some decent stuff to get you going. You didn't mention the razor blades, but I'd recommend that you look for advice here and try a forgiving blade (e.g., you probably don't want to jump in with Feathers right away). I happen to like Polsilver blades, but have also had good luck with Personna Surgical Prep and Astra blades.

    I haven't tried Parker brushes, but you can get a good badger brush from Vulfix for a fair price. There are some great vendors here too. Check out the sites of some of the vendors you see mentioned in the forums and contact them for advice (no offense to Amazon, but are they going to personally answer your email questions?).

    Happy shaving
  10. IAmTheJody

    IAmTheJody Gillette-i Master

    I always say expensive does not equal good. Having said that, I'd recommend this brush to anyone, new shaver and long-time shaver alike:
    Butterscotch color:
    Red color:

    Ian makes very nice, affordable brushes. Don't like the one I linked to? See his other products for sale. He's got all kinds and at good prices.
  11. Queen of Blades

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  12. Dan72w

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  13. stingraysrock

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    If you are getting nicks and ticks, the problem is not your gear, it is your technique. I suspect that you are still dealing with finding out that our style of shaving requires less to zero pressure than what you have been using with your previous system. Once you learn that you need to use less to no pressure, but use multiple passes in order to receive positive results, then the rest of the equation can be built upon.
  14. Dan72w

    Dan72w Member

    Yes, my first two shaves were full of nicks and ticks. After reviewing some videos, reading some forums, today I did a very LIGHT (let the razor blade do the trick) shave and I only ended up with a few. And those were because I was going for baby bottom smooth, and my touch up technique isn't so well. By the time I had a very nice shave, I had nothing, felt relatively smooth. It definitely would have passed for a professional shave, but I am stubborn and settle for only the best. By the way, I have tried a Merkur blade (came with the razor) and picked up Wilkinsons Sword at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I am awaiting Feather blades, and want to order some Derby's to try as well. Sample pack, plus the other things I want just too expensive.
  15. GDCarrington

    GDCarrington Burma Shave

    Welcome to the Den.

    We know you'll fit right in.

    So grab yourself a comfy chair,

    and give our threads a spin!

    Burma Shave
  16. Dan72w

    Dan72w Member

    After more practice, using a lighter touch, I notice 95% of my nicks are gone. Only a few areas area still getting ticks. Mostly when I am doing touch ups. My best shave so far is with a Feather blade. I need to work on my pre-shave. My lathering abilities are nothing like what I see on youtube: Mantic59's videos. I am assuming it's the brush as I've tried 3 different types of soaps now. So now, I am for sure looking to upgrade the brush. Thank you all for your advice on this.
  17. Sodapopjones

    Sodapopjones Well-Known Member

    You should be able lather with anything except maybe a razor, its more than likely still your technique, a $300 Swarvoski Crytal brush and a $3 boar brush do the same thing; lather.

    Might I suggest you take the easy way out and lather for each pass rather than the complete shave.
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  18. Dan72w

    Dan72w Member

    I'm currently lathering in a cereal bowl as my coffee mugs are too small and don't have a specific shaving mug. May that be the case? Not enough friction? Maybe, I should apply to my face once or to my hand as my cousin suggests. At least to see if that changes... I'm good with some things, shaving just isn't one, yet. Thanks again Aaron. Very helpful. I very much like this community, and hope to grow with it, and maybe one day I can give advice to a newbie!
  19. Sodapopjones

    Sodapopjones Well-Known Member

    Actually a cereal bowl is my bowl of choice for bowl lathering; ridges, scuttles etc are not necessary.

    Try this since you're using a tub of Proraso, soak your brush and give it a big squeeze when done, swirl it around in the Proraso for 30 seconds, since you're new maybe even a minute (This is excessive but it might work).

    Swirl the brush around the outer edge, at first its going to be pasty and you'll need to add drops of water to it, Proraso likes water and unless you dump a load of water into it, you should be fine.... Just note doing it this way might take a couple of minutes, others will probably tell you to pump and twirl/swirl the brush, but I just swirl it around the outer edge like I'm beating an egg.

    The easiest way to use that tub though is to do the soaking and squeezing and loading, then go straight to your face with it, dip the tips in water till its the consistency you want, and if you have to keep repeating this over and over for each pass...

    My Omega's Silvertips don't like to stay loaded long, so I have been cheating essentially lathering for each pass, but it does make for a more consistent shave and should work for you too.
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  20. Dan72w

    Dan72w Member

    I am going to do a bowl lathering as you described and take a pic. Maybe you can tell if I am doing it right. If so, what would you like to see, just a pic from above of the bowl and brush?
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