No more DE on my head

Discussion in 'Head shaving' started by Tattoobob, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. Tattoobob

    Tattoobob Well-Known Member

    Stopped DE shaving on head for a while, back to cartridge and electric tell I can get my face in order, then go back and get my head together.
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  2. Sara-s

    Sara-s This Pun for Hire

    That could make sense, to tackle one problem at a time. Can you describe any problems you are having? We may be able to help.
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  3. Schwank

    Schwank Member

    Hi, I saw this, and your other post. Im not on here as much as I should be... I was pretty lucky, I picked up a "Lord L6" as my very first DE, and it was super mild, and I was super scared lol. I used pre-shave oil that I made from the DIY on this forum and have gotten great shaves with little blood loss ever since. I dont use pre-shave oil any more, and Ive found a few shaving creams that I like after i got used to making lather, but when I was just starting out I really liked "Head Slick". It was easier to get a nice slick layer on my face and head, and I got better results (it doesnt matter nearly as much now, but if Im at the gym, and shower shaving, head slick is my go to for ease, and great results).

    I bought blade sample packs, and have been lucky enough to have acquired many razors over the last two years (lucky, or metal instability, Im not sure...) As everyone says on here... everyone is different, but what I enjoy using the most to shave my face and head Is a Gillette tech, and a Derby extra blade. I change the blade after about three neck up shaves, and I try to remember to shave my face with it the first time out. I've tried many blades, and razors, and they're all fun, but for speed and simplicity I stick to the Tech/Derby combo. It takes a multi-pass shave, but I usually dont have irritation, or nicks.

    Good luck! It just takes a little time to get used to it, and finding the right combo. let me know if I can answer any questions for you.
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  4. Adonis

    Adonis Well-Known Member

    I can echo Schwanks words on Head Slick. When I first started head shaving it was my go to cream also. I still use it every now and then. It has a nice menthol kick to it, and is super slick. And fairly cheap, usually can be found at around $6 or so a bottle.
  5. Shotwell

    Shotwell Well-Known Member

    First few weeks of head shaving here, and I love Head Slick (and Head Clear, for afterwards without any perfume). I bought it through the Head Blade web site, which is nice because they always throw in something extra... coupons, stickers, or trial size samples.
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  6. BigMark

    BigMark Tests razors by shaving Wookies

    I echo the Tech. I know in another post I stated to use the Slim, I no longer have it but if you do I suggest you use that. Just make sure that the lather is thick and slick. The hardest part for me is the back of my neck. It will come to you Bob.
  7. Austinoire

    Austinoire Active Member

    Head Slick? Where can I buy that locally?
  8. cmorris357

    cmorris357 catching flies.........

    This thread is a couple of years old, but the product is still around. Walgreens lists it on their website and may be able to order it in for you. It's also available on Amazon.
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  9. Austinoire

    Austinoire Active Member


    Thanks much for the response. I'll go look for it, so as to maybe add it to my products. Much appreciated.
  10. Shotwell

    Shotwell Well-Known Member

    The Walgreens near me still carries it.

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  11. MarshalArtist

    MarshalArtist Psychiatric Help 5ยข

    Bald Guyz is also available in most stores.
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  12. gwsmallwood

    gwsmallwood Well-Known Member

    You might try some Eli's Extracts too, especially if you are using a cartridge. His creams are formulated for head shavers.
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  13. baldone

    baldone Member

    Thanks @gwsmallwood yes indeed, we have a new Head Shave, all natural, organic, ingredients, we're running a promotion where we'll give you some for free if you're up for telling us what you think, limited number of trial samples available, PM me for more info!
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  14. Dirtbuddy

    Dirtbuddy New Member

    I have some Eli's product that arrived the other day. Looking forward to trying it out.

    Great guys to deal with!!

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