NOS Birth Year Lady Gillette From The Wild

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Timwcic, Mar 13, 2021.

  1. Timwcic

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    Well actually about NOS that you can get without still being factory sealed. A date code I-1 Lady Gillette in its case with cardboard insert and blades with user direction factory wrapped in cellophane. This atomic blue beauty opens and closes with ease. I was excited to find this at this morning’s flea market but did not know it was a birth razor until I got home. Recovering from cataract surgery, I need a loupe to see the code. I knew it was a good pick-up, but seeing the “I” turned it into a home run. It will live on as a cabinet queen

    5571DED7-CFCD-40A1-956D-A447A2DEC6F3.jpeg 4AD5AC27-8E1A-4AEA-BEBC-B04203B22AF7.jpeg EC83DDF0-1BD0-43FE-9B0D-99409805CDE6.jpeg F6464043-DA24-4E48-AF7B-D941E8F1327F.jpeg
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    I would call that NOS. Especially with the cardboard insert. I was happy with the one I picked up that still had the instruction booklet, and it wasn't NOS, just good condition.
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  3. Sara-s

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    What a phenomenally lucky find! Enjoy it.
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  5. Timwcic

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    Thank you all for the kind comments. It was a very exciting find, especially at the dirt mall

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