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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by twhite, Mar 13, 2020.

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    Thank you Mucho, Tom.

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    How did I miss this? Put me on the list please.
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    You are in.
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    Thank you, my friend.
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    If there's room for me, I'm interested.

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    Your in.
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    Thank you kind sir.

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    Both razors are on their way.
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    Razor arrived today in multiple pieces (because it wasn't assembled). Will commence testing in the next few days. First impressions is it feels light weight because it is due to being made of I believe aluminum. Tentatively I would call it something like the riddle razor or the engima by Tom because of how the baseplate is inscribed. After using it maybe a witty phrase like how can a razor built this way perform the way it does might be an apt catch phrase or slogan to go along with the name.
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    I am fresh out of clever names at the moment. As you might know. I tend to give my razors stupid or silly names. Maybe The Riddler as in Batman. He had “?” On his costume. I try not to take this hobby too seriously and make it fun.

    Yes it is light all aluminum. Feel free to try different handles by all means. I am REALLY CURIOUS I MEAN REALLY CURIOUS as to how it will shave. I always try them first. All I did was see it it shaved arm hair. On this one. It will only make it better when the pass around is done. Then I will get to try it. I made sure I gave my son his. That way I would not be tempted to try it. I think I might be a bit masochistic.
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  13. twhite

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    Looks like both razors are in the test victims hands. Now the big question, how does it shave.

    Have fun my friends.
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  14. dmshaver

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    The razor arrived. It's on deck for its maiden voyage. I'll provide a preliminary review after the first shave. A more detailed write-up will follow after a few shaves.
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  16. BBS

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    First shave. I used the rounded cap. Shaved at as steep of an angle as I could go. Razor is sharp and will bite you if you apply too much pressure as long as you keep to light pressure and be slow and methodical unless your technique is developed enough you won't have a problem shaving this razor at this angle. Razor I think is more efficient than aggressive if you let it do the work. End result is one of the better super close BBS shaves I've had in awhile. Keep in mind to get this type of a shave for me it takes 5 passes. If you can get BBS finishes in less passes then you should be able to do the same with this razor.

    If the first shave is any indication the razor if it has any issues will be of the build variety and not performance related. Next shave will be at as shallow of an angle as I can go.
  17. dmshaver

    dmshaver Well-Known Member

    I received the razor a few days ago but just got around to shaving with it yesterday. Here's what I received:
    IMG_2599.jpg IMG_2601.jpg IMG_2600.jpg
    Very nicely finished as you can see. I love the personalization on the bottom of the base plate.

    The handle is just over 3.5 inches
    Handle - 28g
    Base plate - 11.7g
    Smooth cap - 5g
    Beveled cap - 5.6g

    I'm used to shaving with vintage Gillettes that weigh in the mid 70g range, so this razor is almost half the weight of what I usually shave with.

    The caps are designed to cover the blade tabs. The ribs on the underside of the caps were a little too big to allow the blade to fit, so a little filing & the blade fits. Here's pics without the blade.
    Smooth cap:

    Beveled cap

    And with the blade. The first two are smooth cap & the last two are with the beveled cap.
    IMG_2611.jpg IMG_2612.jpg IMG_2605.jpg IMG_2604.jpg

    Guess which of the two caps are milder (relative to the second cap)? Yep, the smooth cap is milder. The Beveled cap doesn't clamp the blade to the edge & I was concerned about blade chatter. Lets see how they shaved.

    I decided to test both caps in the same shave. I used the beveled cap on the right side of my face & smooth cap on the left. After a hot shower, here's what I used.
    I loaded a once used Personna Israeli Red into the razor & started the test drive.

    For this first shave, I rode the cap with both caps. I wanted to have as forgiving an angle possible taking this out for its first shave. I started with the right side with the beveled cap. I immediately found a lot of audible feedback. I could hear each hair being cut. I attribute all the noise to the lack of blade support at the edges of the blade. The shave itself is extremely efficient. I needed to be very aware of the angle & handling of the razor or I felt I would get cut. The razors light weight made it difficult at first to get used to pulling the razor down my face as opposed to letting gravity pull the razor down. Overall, the first shave with the bevel cap was quite good. No bites & a very efficient shave.

    The smooth cap for the left side of my face was much better. Relative to the beveled cap, the smooth cap provided less audible feedback. It was still present but to a lesser degree. The blade itself was better clamped further out the edge of the blade, so there was a smoother shave as a result. The shave itself was still quite efficient, yet smoother. I had to be less on my guard with this cap. It did, however, require attention to angle & technique, or it could bite. Overall, this cap provides a very nice shave.

    My initial impression is I like the head design with the smooth cap due to the increased blade rigidity. The weight is an issue for me, but considering the material used, weight is always going to be an issue if you're wanting a heavier razor. I'm looking forward to subsequent shaves where I can get more familiar with the razor. Another writeup will follow after I've had several shaves with the razor.

    Thank you Tom for your generosity & creativity.
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  18. twhite

    twhite Peeping Tom

    Try a different handle. See if that helps.
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  19. dmshaver

    dmshaver Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the suggestion Tom. I plan on using my Weber Bulldog SS handle. That will add the weight I'm missing. But I wanted to give the initial shave test drive with the factory standard equipment.

    And by the way, the handle he designed & printed is awesome! Very cool design my friend!
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  20. twhite

    twhite Peeping Tom

    I initially made the beveled cap. Upon seeing how much blade was left exposed. I did the low profile curved cap. The blade is supported on the underside on the edges. I made sure to do that to try and keep chatter down.

    My son shaved yesterday with his. Mind you he is just a few shaves into wet shaving. Switched from disposable. He had a nice shave. No blood. He informed me the blade is sticky trying to remove. I account that to really tight tolerances.

    Keep me posted on other issues that may pop up. Make sure you guys give it a good going over. Use for a couple of weeks if needed.
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