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Discussion in 'Shave Creams' started by Campion, May 29, 2020.

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    I bought a case of Noxzema in the white can from Pharmapacks about 3 or 4 years ago at .99 a can. I still have plenty left, but I just checked the price to see it's now over $5 the can. Ebay prices have gone up as well. I did a small bit of snooping and saw rumors here and there saying that production stopped in March 2019... and that's the end. The past 10 years or so it's been primarily aimed at the Canadian market, but apparently it won't be manufactured at all. The Noxzema website has no shaving cream on the product listing, but at the bottom of the page in small print a link reads 'Noxzema Shaving.' If you click it it opens a 'contact us' page. So I guess the rumors are correct.

    Too bad. It is my favorite foam. I probably only use it 2 or 3 times a month, so I'm set for life or until all the propellant leaks out the cans. The performance is good, but that Noxzema scent is unmatched.
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    Take it off...

    A variation on the same theme...
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    Farah Fawcett creams Joe Namath

    This guy gets schooled
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    Would YOU trust this girl with a straight? She shaves his cheek the way I scrape snow off the windshield.

    Farah returns to bring us "great balls of comfort"... indeed.
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    Not what you want to hear ........ maybe




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    Article Team
    Their tubed shave cream was brilliant. I miss that a lot!
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    It was terrific. There's a red tube Noxzema lather cream from Greece on ebay. Great scent, average performance. Italian Barber has an Italian Noxzema in a yellow tube that I haven't tried. The old Italian Noxzema in the white tube was outstanding.
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    Dang, I recall seeing red-can Noxema on closeout not long ago at my local Rite-Aid.

    I almost bought some. Back when I started shaving, red-can Noxema was the only shaving cream I could use. It's really sad to see such a trusty old friend of a product taken off the market.
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