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  1. Karl G

    Karl G Well-Known Member

    I didn't own any DEs until these two OCs that came as part of a lot that had some other razors I wanted. One clearly looks to be a Gillette Ball End with a cracked handle. Does anyone have any idea of what the other one is? I couldn't find any markings on the head when I did an initial cleaning.

    I'm assuming the Gillette is spare parts value only - any thoughts on the other? Thanks for your help, gents.

    2 OC DEs.jpg Unknown OC DE side.jpg Unknown OC DE Standing.jpg

    Thanks - Karl
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  2. david of central florida

    david of central florida Rhubarb Rubber

    I've seen the unknown one before, but I cannot identify it.
    the Gillette only needs a bit of epoxy to make it functional.
  3. twhite

    twhite Peeping Tom

    Yes fix that Gillette. I think you will like how it shaves. It looks to be in nice shape.
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  4. Karl G

    Karl G Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys, anyone have any idea what the other razor is? :confused:
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  5. Jim99

    Jim99 Gold Water Shaver

    I don't recognize the razor and was unable to find one similar on the internet. I gather that there are no markings on it.
  6. John Ruschmeyer

    John Ruschmeyer Well-Known Member

    I think identity of the other razor has come up before on another forum and the consensus was that it was a no-name OC. You'll even see then on eBay occasionally, sometime with the box and even it says nothing about who made it.


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