Occam’s SS DE. Great value & Performance....

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    No, it is a just minor design flaw and I don't consider it a defect. I don't think my razor is missing a machining operation. It is just the bottom curve of the base plate not flush mounting to the top of the handle. Not a big deal and the razor is otherwise fantastic. Just a basic recommendation for a minor improvement.
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  2. Smooth Steve

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    I made this image to show what I was talking about. The "RED" curve of the base plate lets the handle contact points "A" & "B" when tightened, but leaves a slight gap above and below because the surface is not flat. They should have made a flat surface on the bottom of the base plate for a gapless tight fit to the top of the handle when fully tightened. Again not a big issue at all but a small detail. In the same vein, I would have located the engraving on the side or somewhere else besides partially underneath the the handle. Just recommendations for minor improvements.

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    I picked up the full-meal-deal set with three plates and two caps for the discounted $52 price, and it arrived last week. I concur with Gus and others here that this is an impressive set, especially for the price. It’s obviously sintered (or perhaps MIM?) build, which of course makes sense at this price point. As a result, it isn’t super refined in terms of finish, but the fit and tolerances are excellent. Blade alignment is dead on. The handle appears to be virtually identical to the RazoRock barber pole, which is a good thing IMO. FWIW, I weighed both the Occam's and the RR barber pole, and they are an identical 71 grams on my kitchen scale. The scalloped SB plate similarly appears to be a near exact copy of an existing product, namely the EJ/Muhle 89 head, also not a bad thing.

    I find the other two plate designs to be really interesting. They aren't, as Classic Shaving calls them, open comb. As others pointed out that the larger opening plate looks a lot like a Red Ring. My first reaction was that they are reminiscent of the comb/bar design of an early lather catcher or the Gem 1912 and Ever Ready 1914, which is a good design to imitate. I can’t think of another design of this type in a current production DE razor.

    Since by just adding a spare handle I could have two complete razors, I decided my first test run would be a side-by-side, using the two “comb” plates. To my face it felt like the comb plate with the larger openings is the more “aggressive” of the two plates, but not by much. For me it had a bit more blade feel and seemed just a shade more efficient. But to me these two plates feel pretty similar. The good news is that I got a terrific shave from both. These plates both hit my sweet spot: very high on both the comfort and efficiency indices. FWIW, I don't see that the ridged cap brings much to the game, but on the other hand it's only another five bucks or so.

    I shaved next with the scalloped, solid bar plate, aka the DE89 clone. It was about what I expected, which is to say a very smooth and comfortable shave. The shave from this plate is definitely not as close as what I got from the two hybrid comb plates, but still perfectly acceptable, and with zero irritation. It has been some time since I owned or shaved with a DE89, but based on my somewhat dim recollection, I'd say this plate is pretty darn close in performance to the original. Interestingly, I do not observe much difference in comfort between this plate and the two hybrid comb plates. Given that, I think it's likely I'll be mostly using the hybrid plates, as they definitely shave a little closer with little if any trade off in comfort.

    It's a crowded field right now for new razors, but I think the Occam's represents a somewhat unique product, with the (only, to my knowledge) stainless DE89 clone, and the two interesting "hybrid" plates. Plus, the value proposition is off the charts. Well done, Classic Shaving
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    A quick update on the Occam’s DE and my experience with it. I hadn’t shaved in practically 4 days as work has had me on the clock for nearly 16 hour days. Finally got a breather in today and needed to get a good shave in and get some face smoothness for myself and the Misses. Brought in the Occam’s with the hybrid OC plate (most efficient/aggressive plate), got a good lather from the GD soap and just went to town. What a marvelously efficient yet smooth cutting razor. 3 full passes, a chin buff and 4 days growth no more. I honestly did not expect this razor to perform so well. It combines efficiency and smoothness with relatively good blade feel but, keeps the bite like feel to a minimum on it. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re a bit careless or use a bit to much pressure it will leave it’s mark and remind you that it’s meant to cut. The results have been from good to excellent with every plate used in the kit. No regrets on acquiring this razor at all. Especially for the price that it’s available for. Price/performance ratio is through the roof. Puts to shame a few other razors that are higher up on the food chain expense wise. Just a really good razor, period.

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    I also bought the razor with all options for one of my sons, but he is in love with the OneBlade he owns. So I was going to sell mine, but given the feedback, I have decided to keep it, and will shave with it next month, as this month I’m just shaving with vintage razors.

    Enjoy your shaves,

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    I used mine daily the past week, I only have the OC base, and loved it. I almost regret not getting all the bases, but justify my decision based on the number of razors I own, the use I would get from each base, and the savings of just buying the option that interested me the most. Nevertheless buying the complete package is probably a great value, if the other bases are of the same quality. You can pick the one that you enjoy the most through experimentation. There is really a zero blade gap on mine, but there is just enough blade exposure to get a very close shave and feel the blade on your skin. It really demonstrates that gap is only one attribute to the geometry of the head. I find it is a very smooth shaver that gets really close and is relatively easy and comfortable to use. Because the blade is exposed, you still need to be careful but, as said above, razors are designed to cut. I am extremely happy with this purchase and highly recommend it. The ridged cap provides cool esthetics and although I really like the style. I really don’t believe it does anything functional. If you are touching the ridge to your face, you are really far out of the angled range of cutting whiskers by a good margin - at least for my face. As such, I can’t see how it would be an aid for novices. For me it is all about the unique look. Overall it looks great, shaves very close, is made durable, and is reasonably priced. What else could you ask for?
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    Very well said , Steve. :happy088:
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    I bought the set on X-mas special. For me even the mildest plate is too aggressive and definitely way too much blade feel. For those that want an aggressive , more aggressive and most aggressive razor with tons of blade feel this might be what you're looking for. But, I just wonder why? The price and being stainless steel with 3 different plates prompted me to buy it. The handle is a nice one. But, sadly I will send this on down the road as far too aggressive and too much blade feel for me. YMMV of course.
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    Sounds just like my cup of TEA.
    I like Aggressive Razors.
    Will have to look into it.

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    Put the Occam's DE away for a couple weeks and was sampling a couple other offerings from Occam's Razors and a couple of Timeless razors as well.

    Last night I used the OC hybrid plate with a twice used Rapira SS blade and it was as smooth if not smoother than my initial first shaves with it. The PannaCrema soap certainly aided in giving the Occam's an excellent base of protection and glide with superb slickness. The razor literally floated over my skin while giving a smooth and efficient feeling cut during all 3 passes with no harshness or overly done blade feel. I certainly don't classify the razor as overly aggressive. Perhaps mid at best but, nothing above that. And from what I remember the closed comb plate reminded me of an EJ89 type of shave. Mild and comfortable. Perhaps I'll try that plate again on the next shave just to refresh my memory. With the Hybrid OC plate it's a very good performing razor with a solid combination of efficiency and smoothness...

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    awesome shave and pic Gus..
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    Thank you, Brother.... :eatdrink047:
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    very cool razor..
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    I have been having similar, excellent results with my Occam's DE. Today I used what I'll call, for lack of a better descriptor, plate #3, meaning the comb plate with larger openings. I agree with @Str8on2 that this most aggresive Occam's plate does not give an aggressive feel at all, which is a good thing as far as I'm concerned, as I tend to favor milder razors. For me this plate gives minimal blade feel and the shave is very smooth. Nonetheless, efficiency is quite high and the delivered shave is very close. It's dead center in my sweet spot: high comfort; high efficiency. I'm about 12 hours in on this morning's shave and I'm just now beginning to feel the first trace of stubble.

    As far as sintered/MIM stainless DEs go, I think Occam's leads the pack. With its lighter weight and lower profile head I much prefer it to the Rockwell 6s.
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    One of the best finds/purchases of 2019. Yep, the Occam’s SS DE razor kit. A quality piece of kit that for the money is just amazing. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s a superb value. Perhaps and arguably the best to date.....

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