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    Oils-based aftershaves are quickly becoming my go-to AS (over alcohol-based ones like Pinaud, AV, Cool Wave splash...). Don't get me wrong, I still like and will continue to use the others, as well as my lotion-based balms like Nivea sensitive skin and Afta. But I'm so impressed with the smoothness and comfort of the oils.

    Favorites so far:
    • Ogallala Bay Rum & Sandalwood
    • Proraso Red
    What are some of your favorite oils-based aftershaves? I'm definitely looking to expand my den variety!
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    Not completely oil based as these do have alcohol in them, but they are balanced with essential oils and natural scent ingredients. I purchased a bottle of each (save the unscented) a few years ago and they all perform well. Real treat for the skin.

    Note: I'm sure they were priced a lot lower at the time, or maybe there was a sale.

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